Crises, metaphors and risk management

Metaphors often allow for a better understanding of as many risk or hazard situations as possible, as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic. They appear in almost every area of our lives, even penetrating research laboratories and playing a central role in


Corona weather: Beirut in despair


The coronavirus pandemic has led half of humanity to change their way of life. People in every country adopted the protective measures they considered most appropriate or within their reach in the face of unexpected risk. Each of us looks at the coronavirus through the lens of


Coronavirus: Time for detachment

The coronavirus pandemic is affecting 2.3 million people worldwide, more than 164,000 of whom have died to date since its emergence in China last December. One grim tally follows another like a dark litany on all the world's media. Yet many historians have written about it,

A pandemic of paranoia

A pandemic of paranoia?

Should we be afraid? The coronavirus is the subject of all our conversations, not news bulletins without counting the sick, the dead, the measures taken by this or that government. To stop, if not eradicate, what seems to have become a strange paranoia with unpredictable consequences. Locking up cities, fencing off more


Rationality lapse

Déchéance de rationalité - Les tribulations d'un homme de progrès dans un monde devenu fou, by Gérald Bronner - Edition Grasset, March 2019 - 272 Pages The world has gone mad, we all see it a little bit every day. We are overwhelmed by a continuous outpouring of fake news and

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