Valentino Museum: more than 30,000 virtual visits


On December 5, 2011 at 5:00 pm, at the MoMA in New York and live on Youtube (with the technological support of Google), Valentino Garavani and Giancarlo Giammetti inaugurate the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum. This first online real-time 3D museum offers a unique digital experience on the web: immerse yourself in the heart of the designer's universe and relive 5 decades of fashion.

Jean-Louis LESAGE, President of the Parisian digital agency, sums up the innovative dimension of the project: "This virtual museum is an unprecedented experience in more ways than one; Mr Valentino Garavani is the first internationally renowned couturier to offer a permanent exhibition of his work in this form. Our teams had to navigate in unknown territory and take up a real challenge: to design a real-time 3D aesthetic in line with the requirements of a luxury brand. This is also a first for the public, who will live a unique digital experience at the heart of 50 years of fashion history".

Novacom Associates has produced and staged a sumptuous museum, the visit of which starts with a monumental hall leading to 18 exhibition spaces (more than 10,000 m2). A first tour allows you to discover and understand the universe of Valentino Garavani through his most emblematic creations, some of which have rarely been exhibited in the past. For example, the White space presents the famous wedding dress worn by Jackie Kennedy on the day of her wedding to Aristotle Onassis and specially designed for her. Then come the "Prints & Pastels", "Black & White", "Black", "Animal Prints", "Embroideries" themes declined throughout their galleries. The stroll ends in a huge hall where no less than 68 "Valentino red" dresses are presented to the visitor. This colour (0% cyan, 100% Magenta, 100% yellow, 10% black) has become over the years one of the couturier's signatures.

Work that combines technological and aesthetic expertise

To recreate Valentino Garavani's exceptional know-how and allow visitors to appreciate the effects of materials, the delicacy of the drapes, the detail of the prints or the perfection of the embroidery, the designers and developers took advantage of real-time 3D and the best multimedia technologies. They designed and created an immersive tour where the master's creations are highlighted in every detail. An in-depth work of aesthetic and museographic research has been carried out in order to make a real contribution to the conservation of heritage and the promotion of fashion history.

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The dresses are all treated as "living" works in their own right. Each one is associated with a media file linked to an online database that gives the Internet user access to photos of the celebrities who actually wore them, videos of the fashion shows where they were presented, and press clippings that revealed them to the general public and that resurrect the historical and artistic context of their creation. Visitors can zoom in on the visuals of the dresses to appreciate the details. 20 models have even been the subject of specific shots to be observed at 360°. As such, the Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum is the first interactive catalogue raisonné.

A privileged meeting with the couturier

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museum is also a meeting with the couturier, with his right-hand man in business, Giancarlo Giammetti, and all the people who have accompanied their work and the development of their fashion house for 50 years: friends, stars and muses of Valentino who can be seen in photos and interviews. Considerable documentary research has been carried out to reconstruct 50 years of Italian fashion culture (from la dolce Vita to the master's last fashion show in 2008).

Two art galleries complete the visit. "Very Valentino" offers a chronological scenography, a real walk through the key stages of the couturier's work, while "Valentino seen by" retraces Valentino's intense relationship with his contemporaries, in particular with the emblematic artists who produced portraits or worked for him. Four rooms are dedicated to the work of the most famous fashion photographers from the 1960s to 2008: a real immersion in the history of haute couture. The impressive media library will allow enthusiasts to consult among nearly 5,000 documents the creations, fashion shows, videos, magazine covers, original drawings...

Invite the couturier to your home

Usually the public goes to the museum. The Virtual Museum, on the other hand, "invites itself" into the home of the Internet user. Novacom Associates has designed a "stand alone" application that you will put on your computer's desktop after downloading it. The icon of the application, the famous red Valentino cube, becomes the symbolic and permanent door to the unique world of the couturier.

Special care has been taken to make the user experience a unique digital moment. Five key words have guided the work of Novacom Associates: Completeness (multimedia content, photos, videos, dresses in 360°...); Ergonomics (intuitive mouse navigation that respects the habits of Internet users); Fluidity (optimised management of content loading and progressive caching of 3D spaces); Accessibility (a high quality 3D environment accessible on all computers even with a modest Internet connection) and finally Adaptability (invention of a CMS whose specific management functions allow the 3D environment and its content to evolve).

The Valentino Garavani Virtual Museun was conceived by Giancarlo Giammetti and then designed and produced by Novacom Associates, in collaboration with the Kinmonth-Monfreda Design Project and with the support of Valentino SpA.

This achievement confirms Novacom Associates' expertise in interactive marketing and communication. Specializing in real-time 3D, the agency is constantly innovating to offer immersive and intuitive experiences, to explore new communication territories and to create the standards of tomorrow in fields as demanding as cultural museography, brand image, relational marketing, offer pedagogy or serious games. A pioneer in Digital Marketing and immersive and relational communication, Novacom Associés is a group at the crossroads of digital technologies and marketing innovation. Novacom Associés' signature is innovation: first producer of "rich media" content, inventor of the ViPI™, virtual spaces and immersive 3D real-time itineraries. Labelled Oséo since 2006 and approved by the French Ministry of Research since 2007, Novacom Associés was awarded the Grand Prix de la Publicité in 2007, the 2nd IntraVerse 2008 prize with Orange for the best 3D virtual worlds in the R&D category, and the prize for the best Internet strategy 2009 with Cogedim.

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