Main innovations of the E-Commerce Paris 2012 exhibition


The E-Commerce Paris 2012 exhibition, held in Paris from 18 to 20 September, saw 30,000 visitors visit the stands of 500 exhibitors. Mobility, web-to-store, e-marketing... Here are the most striking innovations.


devaticsDevatics, an e-seller adapting to the visitor's behaviour

Created in 2010 after three years of R&D, Devatics offers real-time marketing functionality based on the behaviour of merchant site visitors. "Some hesitate, some go around in circles, some optimize prices, and each time you have to submit an adapted sales pitch," advises Romulus Grigoras, founder and CEO. The Devatics engine learns over time by establishing correlations between behaviors. For example, a visitor who scrolls to the very bottom of the page and then goes back up is unlikely to have found the product he was looking for. Or that an Internet user who becomes inactive for more than 30 seconds has probably been looking for better prices on another site: if he comes back, it may be appropriate to match the competitor's prices, for example by means of a pop-up, a pop-in, a side-bar, an unfolding post-it or a block in the page.

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"The visitor's behaviour can also be put in conjunction with other criteria: has he or she already visited the site, was it via Adwords or e-mailing, in which case he or she should be reminded of the promise made to him or her... Of course, other criteria can also be configured, for example to trigger a message only for baskets above a certain amount. Already used by Sensee, Maty and Humanis, the Devatics solution operates above the merchant site. The start-up is also announcing the launch of a turnkey solution for small and medium-sized e-merchants, which will go from 1,000 to 100 euros per month.

affiliateAffilae compensates all affiliates for the conversion process.

Founded in April 2012, Netilum has launched Affilae in June 2012 in order to resolve two affiliate limitations: firstly, the platforms are expensive and victims of click fraud; secondly, the commission is unfairly won by the last affiliate in the conversion process, often a couponing site. By tracking through direct affiliate links included in the banners, Affilae stops false click fraud," says Pierre Bazoge, co-founder of Netilum. In addition, our platform takes into account all the affiliates in the process and shares the commission between them. »

In concrete terms, the advertiser specifies in its contract with each affiliate what weight, from 1 to 12, it assigns to it. It is itself taken into account, so as not to pay both Google and its affiliates if the visitor arrives by CPC on Adwords. "An advertiser who already has an affiliate directory can migrate in a few days, adds Pierre Bazoge. Since our solution is turnkey, the advertiser can do everything himself or delegate to an agency. "And as a bonus, he can also see and analyze the entire sales tunnel, buyer by buyer.

shoppingmailShopping-Mail, exchange of banners in confirmation emails

Noting that the order confirmation e-mail is the only e-mail open to more than 95%, Shopping-Mail offers merchants the opportunity to monetize it by displaying other e-merchants' banners, including discount codes, for example. Indeed, transactional e-mails, whether they are order confirmations or shipping confirmations, are most often neither used nor personalized," says co-founder Mickael Ohayon. However, 58% of them are in html format and could easily be. "In concrete terms, the merchants using the service choose the partners whose banners they agree to display and blacklist their competitors. They manage their campaigns themselves and can freely segment and target their customers.

Shopping-Mail is remunerated by a monthly flat rate indexed on the volume of the merchant's orders: for each email with a partner banner sent to its customers, the merchant can choose to appear in 2, 4 or 6 emails sent by its partners. With currently 90 e-merchants in its network, including MyDesign, Tape à l'œil, Avanquest Software and Opticien Online, Shopping-Mail claims 40,000 displays per day for a click rate of 3.5% and an average conversion rate of 2%. The start-up, which launched its service in November 2011 in a beta version, has been supported since July 2012 by Kima Ventures.

proximisProximis publishes web-to-store tools for retailers

Proximis was launched in 2008 by offering distributors a software brick, the store locator, enabling Internet users to locate their physical points of sale and give them visibility on the Internet. "From the beginning of 2010, our client Intersport pushed us to work on the aspects of consulting store stock and reserving products in stores", recalls its director Philip Bianchi. The start-up's offer now therefore includes a store locator, a product locator and a click and collect function that allows you to reserve or buy an item in a store online.

Having noticed how much retailers are nowadays solicited by services such as Socloz, Plyce or Google Local Shopping to provide data on their stocks, Proximis also offers them a platform allowing them to easily export this information and update it up to several times an hour, as its client The Kooples does. Profitable for 3 years, the company has achieved a turnover of 800,000 euros and also counts Bricorama, Nature & Découvertes and Jules among its customers.

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Dotsoft centralizes on and offline commercial management

Created in 2003, Dotsoft was originally a software publisher for physical stores, which has since deployed its offer across the entire multi-channel field. "All our solutions are purely Web-based, even for cash registers, and everything is centralized on our servers," explains customer manager Régis Perrin. The advantage: to have a single product repository and to manage stores and online sales activity with the same solution, which brings together sales management, logistics, loyalty, etc., thus making it possible to share actions on the two channels from a single interface, but also to establish statistics for both the Web and stores to better target its clientele.

"Of course, we have a module for consulting in-store stocks and booking products," he adds. Dotsoft's solution, which is used by Feu Vert, Pimkie and Mr.Bricolage, among others, interconnects with ERPs or services such as Proximis as well as with the solution of Compario, Dotsoft's e-marketing partner. The company has also just announced the launch of a motion recognition application dedicated to the distribution sector and based on Microsoft's Kinect technology.

leadformanceLeadformance Bridge, local lead acquisition platform

Founded in 2002 as an SEO agency, Leadformance developed its model in 2007 to position itself on the Internet for the acquisition of local customers for brand and retailer outlets. "Accessible in SaaS mode, our Leadformance Bridge platform allows us to manage a database of everything related to points of sale," says Cyril Laurent, founder and CEO. Schedules, events, photos, coupons, requests for quotes, appointment scheduling, stock consultation, etc. The store's Web or mobile store locator recreates online the digital counterpart of the physical network to optimize the acquisition of local leads. The store can also allow each store to manage all or part of its page, as well as the customer and prospect contacts that concern it.

"In the advent of SoLoMo, we are dealing with the local facet. Our areas of development include traffic acquisition via the two other dimensions: social networks and mobile," concludes Cyril Laurent. Leadformance, which was approaching €1.5 million in revenues in 2011 and whose Yellow Pages Group took 49% at the end of last year, claims 80 customers and has just signed Kerastase for 40,000 hair salons worldwide, which will bring the number of points of sale present online via Leadformance Bridge to 65,000.

FidMe: a m-wallet of loyalty cards

Created in 2005 in Bordeaux, the company Snapp specializes in loyalty on mobile phones, by allowing to find on its smartphone all its loyalty cards, material or not. To demonstrate this principle, the start-up created the FidMe application. "The user flashes the barcodes of his physical loyalty cards with his smartphone, FidMe recognizes them among the 2500 loyalty programs it knows in France, explains Yannick Brudieux, head of development. At the checkout, the user only has to show the barcode displayed by his smartphone rather than that of the physical card, which does not require any special installation in the store. "In addition, retailers can create their own stamp system (after 10 pizzas purchased, 1 free) using QR codes sent to them by Snapp. In this way, the retailer also obtains information about his customers to better target them.

From the end of September, the new version of FidMe will connect directly to loyalty programs: "Monoprix will for example be able to send targeted coupons to its customers via the app: retailers will no longer even need to develop their own mobile applications". NFC-compatible, it will be able to take into account a purchase automatically at the checkout, for example to add a stamp. Finally, FidMe's back office displays all the uses of its programs, making it possible to carry out cross-brand analyses. After one year of existence, FidMe has 1.4 million users in 10 countries, mainly in France. Snapp has twice raised funds from the Caisse d'Epargne Aquitaine, for a total of 2.5 million euros.

prestashopPrestashop Mobile

Available for a few months now for merchants who are customers of its e-commerce platform, the m-commerce solution from Prestashop is now for sale on its website. "Our tool is very accessible and makes it easy to create a high-performance mobile application," says Teszner. The CEO of Prestashop explains that a special effort has been made to automate the publishing process. There are indeed a whole series of elements that need to be technically validated for an application to be accepted on an appstore: Apple's appstore, for example, requires 24 validation steps. "Our solution allows us to avoid the development days that we previously had to spend on it and leads us to divide by 10 the price of an m-commerce application, which drops to 590 euros, without installation costs. "The solution comes with a back-office that allows you to build and modify the application by drag-and-dropping the different blocks that make it up. But also features such as a store locator or the possibility of sending push notifications.

Prestashop has also looked at mobile themes, variations of the fixed merchant sites taking into account the much lower speed of the mobile channel. The entire customer journey is optimized in this perspective, possibly leading to not keeping elements that are not very useful in a mobile situation. "In order to optimize the payment phase as well, we have set up a partnership with Paypal to use their one-click checkout," says Benjamin Teszner. Logically, the buyer must say who he is, where he lives, how he wants to be delivered, how he wants to pay, and finally fill in his payment information. But here, even if he is not already a customer of this merchant, he only has to indicate his Paypal password to send him all the useful information and validate the payment. Of course, the Paypal payment module also accepts credit card payments.

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