Outbrain's new study: Content Marketing is in demand, but appropriate strategies are still often lacking


The analysis of Outbrain and Econsultancy sheds new light on a growing discipline, Content Marketing.

Today, Wednesday, October 3, 2012, Outbrain publishes an in-depth study on Content Marketing in partnership with Econsultancy and takes this opportunity to examine the strategies, objectives and issues of a rapidly expanding field. The findings of this survey corroborate the predictions of more than 90 % of the respondents who expect Content Marketing to grow over the next twelve months. Yet despite these figures, the majority of companies do not have a content strategy, a budget or a dedicated employee.

Conducted in July and August 2012, the study is based on a survey of more than 1,300 marketing professionals working for brands, publishers and agencies. The report highlights the following points in particular:

Discrepancy between the growing importance of Content Marketing, its image as an autonomous discipline, and the lack of a defined content strategy in most companies

● More than 90 % of the respondents expect Content Marketing to increase in importance over the next 12 months.

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● Two thirds of the marketing specialists at the advertiser (64 %) agree that Content Marketing is becoming an independent discipline.

● Less than half of the companies allocate a specific budget (34 %) or person (46 %) to Content Marketing, whereas 55 % of the people working for the advertiser and 58 % of the agency employees in the panel surveyed plan to implement Content Marketing strategies for the future.

● Less than half of companies spend more than 20 % of their marketing budget on content - yet only 12 % refute the claim that "in terms of sales, Content Marketing has more impact than advertising".

Close link between Content Marketing and Social Media

● 83 % corporate marketing professionals rely on the publication of posts and updates on social networks more than on other types of content for their marketing actions.

● To generate traffic, getting involved on social networks is the most popular tactic, employed by the company of 78 % of the marketing professionals surveyed.

● Corporate marketers consider the publication of posts and updates to be the second most effective type of content after e-mail, and 46% say it is one of their top three most effective types of content.

Resources, budget and internal rules: three barriers to effective content marketing

In companies, specialists frequently come up against three obstacles in their content marketing policy:

● Insufficient human resources (42 %)

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● Insufficient budget (35 %)

● Internal company rules (30 %)

On the other hand, in the agencies, interviewees were more likely to cite the following reasons:

● Lack of understanding and training as the main obstacle (46 %)

● Content Marketing Skills (39 %)

● No ROI / business case (35 %)

"Outbrain's core business is to make it easy for people to find quality content, and I am pleased to see that Content Marketing is gaining a strong foothold in the digital marketing community," said Yaron Galai, CEO of Outbrain. "With the publication of this study, we hope to raise awareness of the importance of this discipline to help marketers identify the tools and strategies that will enable them to use content as the best way to engage their audiences. »

"In recent years, the intertwining of various trends has highlighted the importance of content marketing. More and more time is spent searching for information and Google has significantly changed its algorithms to highlight quality content in its search results," explains Linus Gregoriadis, Research Director at Econsultancy. "In this context, the implementation of dedicated strategies and specific budgets is essential for companies that want to remain at the forefront. »

"It's interesting to note that brands are particularly in search of strategy, whereas publishers have obviously known for a long time that content is strategic! But we are lucky in France to be able to work with companies that understand the importance of Content Marketing," says François-Xavier Préaut, Outbrain's Sales Director for France. "We have a very positive response from advertisers who are just waiting for the right tools to start building their strategy. We are delighted to have so many respondents and we are ready to support them! »

Testimonial - Red Bull Ireland

"On, we put more than ten news items online every day, with rich and varied sports and cultural information. is more than just a brand site, it's a media in its own right. We try to give relevance to each piece of content published so that it emerges on other sites that are close to the subject. Red Bull has long relied on producing unique content that is made available to the media and the public via our platforms. Through content distribution platforms such as Outbrain, we want to extend the reach of our actions. The larger the base of Outbrain's partner publishers, the more relevant this tool will become as part of a global content marketing strategy. "Jean-Robert Bellanger, Digital Marketing Manager, Red Bull France.

For more information or to receive a free copy of the study:

About Econsultancy

International independent and community-based publisher, Econsultancy focuses on best practices in digital marketing and online commerce. More than 400,000 Internet professionals trust Econsultancy every month. Its platform now has more than 130,000 members worldwide - customers, agencies and suppliers combined - and has a member retention rate of 90 %. To help its members develop their skills in-house, the publisher offers study reports, practical guides, training and personal development tools, as well as consulting services, face-to-face conferences, forums and numerous opportunities to develop their professional network. With offices in London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and Dubai, Econsultancy is a leading provider of digital marketing training and consultancy. Econsultancy's consultancy services and tailor-made training courses are aimed at clients in the Middle East, Europe and Asia. In 2011, more than 5,000 marketing specialists were trained and more than 200 training courses were delivered.

About Outbrain

Outbrain (, the leading content discovery platform, is dedicated to helping Internet users find the content on the Web that is most interesting to them, while giving publishers and brands the ability to reach a highly engaged audience. Using personalized links, Outbrain recommends content through a network of more than 200 high-end publishers, including in France TF1, Libération, Mondadori, Slate, Bestofmedia, and Links to other content on the publisher's own site increase loyalty, while links to high-quality content from other sites increase traffic and generate new revenue. Outbrain is currently installed on more than 70,000 sites and generates more than 38 billion recommendations per month. Founded in 2006, the company is headquartered in New York City with offices in the United States, Europe and Israel.

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