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Time2 Market, the trade fair for tomorrow's marketing applications and techniques, will open its doors on the following dates May 23rd and 24th at the Porte de Versailles / Paris for a gathering of marketing 3.0 providers in all its components.

BUILD UP YOUR FUTURE: Since its launch, the new trade show for tomorrow's marketing applications and techniques, the TIME2MARKET (T2M) has created a buzz on the web and is growing every day with nearly 120 relevant players, recognized in their market, who will be present on May 23rd & 24th. With its 75 partners, associations and associated media and the launch today of its official website, the show aims to bring together a maximum number of participants and trigger double the number of registrations.

The T2M, the only 360° living room, is getting bigger and buzzing! On a 10,000 m² space in Hall 6 at the Porte de Versailles Exhibition Center in Paris, this new generation show, which has already registered 5,000 registrations, will offer the 10,000 expected professional visitors a very high-content program around more than 40 promising themes specific to tomorrow's marketing: email marketing, the semantic web, customer relationship outsourcing, social marketing, mobile marketing, marketing research, tactical media, geomarketing, digital identity, biometric marketing, marketing 3.0 or hypermarketing, AD Exchange, loyalty, multi-channel, IE cybermarketing, IE Datamining, gaming, eye tracking, and behavioural targeting.

To address these numerous issues and present practical customer cases, 6 conference rooms will host 150 speakers and will be accessible to the professional public upon registration on the exhibition site.

Conference Programme : http://www.time2market.fr/main/programe_des_conferences

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Two of the scheduled lectures are worth noting:

- Conference onew technologiesmoderated by Gérard Ayache, Chairman of the Board of Directors. smartsy, Wednesday, May 23rd from 10:30 am to 12:45 pm.

- Conference on mobile marketingmoderated by Eric Seulliet, Chairman of The Future Factory, Wednesday, May 23rd from 2pm to 6pm.

Surrounded by the best international service providers, Franck Prime, organizer of the T2M and President of One Place Associateswill open the exhibition alongside 5 partners of excellence such as the SNCDthe Syndicat National de la Communication Directe, de FRENCHWEBthe magazine for web professionals, from MOBILETAGa market leader in mobile reading technologies, from EDITIALISthe major communication group for professionals and theACSELthe leading association on the digital economy.

"Taking part in T2M was an obvious choice for us", says Alexis Helcmanocki, Mobiletag Group CEO, "because Mobiletag, faithful to its vision of innovation for the greatest benefit of consumers and brands, finds an ideal positioning at this show".

These 2 days of meetings, discoveries and debates will be the undisputed meeting place for the marketing of the future, a real crossroads in terms of technological innovations, and will thus offer a complete range of solutions, developments and services to develop sales. "Selling better, targeting, structuring & knowing all the media in order to develop is now more topical than ever in this period of financial crisis," emphasizes Franck Prime.

Marketing 3.0 honoured by the W3C, a distinguished guest :

The T2M is proud to welcome among its new speakers and for the first time, the prestigious international organization W3C (World Wide Web Consortium), which defines standards for web-related technologies. Today this consortium, whose office in France is hosted by INRIA, is in charge of supervising a set of standards such as HTTP, HTML, XHTML, CSS, URL, XML, SVG, PNG and many others to enable us to communicate efficiently through the Internet, around open formats guaranteeing better interoperability. On this occasion T2M will have the honor to welcome Bernard Odier, Office Manager Bureau France of the W3C, who will come to animate a conference session dedicated to the future of the semantic web, keystone of the web of the future.

The Semantic Web" refers to a set of technologies aimed at making the content of World Wide Web resources accessible and usable by software programs and agents, through a system of formal metadata, using in particular the family of languages developed by the W3C. "GOOGLE tackles the semantic web, who better than W3C and INRIA to talk about it?

Among the new exhibitors, the T2M has also been joined by some of the major leaders, including : Mediatech, Leadshare, OTO Research, Vertical mail, ScanCube, Neolane, Dolist, Effiliation, Selligent, ContactLab, the SNCD, Camp de Bases, Riberolles, Ogone, Editialis, FrenchWeb, Intuiti, Owanis, IT News, NETMEDIA, Axones, Creative IT, Global Knowledge Neywork, We Are Cloud, Squid Solution, BubblePro, Clear Channel, ZeDOC, Adobe, Mediastay, Message Business, FuLLSix, Adverline, IBM, UKeenOn, Tetouanshore, SMS sending, Inxmail, scan and target, Tradelab, Cegedim, Compario, EmailStrategie, Cibleweb etc...

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T2M " " it's time 2 market ", a major exhibition and a high added value editorial support

Developed by the marketing sector press and by most associations in these segments and in partnership with the SNCD, quality editorial support will be offered to each visitor at the entrance to the exhibition.

Rich in news and expert opinion on the marketing of the future, its content will address all T2M sectorial themes. It will be distributed to visitors to the show and then, for one year, to all members and members of partner associations as well as at all One Place Associates' regional shows. "After 100 trade shows, I was fed up with advertising material or other trade show guides, which died at the end of the show itself. The purpose of this unique editorial system is to present the best and worst of what is being done in the segments covered by our trade shows," explains Franck Prime on the subject of One Place Associates' CAHIERS EDITORIAUX, the first edition of which targeted publishing and finance.

About One Place Associates :

ONE PLACE ASSOCIATES creates and organizes specialized trade shows to connect professionals with their markets in innovative segments with high potential. The company is chaired by Franck PRIME, creator of nearly 100 trade fairs across Europe including ECOMMERCE, EMARKETING or DEMAT EXPO sold to the COMEXPOSIUM group. Following this resale, he joined forces with this same group and a few advertisers and company managers to set up the structure ONE PLACE Associates and thus launch a dozen new trade shows in new or emerging segments. The first of them, DOC & FINANCES, a trade show bringing together the world of Dematerialization, Operational Finance and Cloud Computing, has just ended with great success at the CNIT; approved and selected by the main actors of these three worlds and all the associations and institutions that really count. http://www.one-place.fr/

About T2M "it's time 2 market

T2M is the leading event on all segments of marketing 3.0: Email marketing, semantic web, customer relationship outsourcing, social marketing, mobile marketing, marketing research, tactical media, geomarketing, digital identity, biometric marketing, marketing 3.0 or hypermarketing, AD Exchange, loyalty, multi-channel, IE cybermarketing, IE Datamining, gaming, eye tracking, and behavioral targeting.

The T2M takes place at the same time as 2 other trade shows: CREATIV'PACK, the trade show for packaging innovation professionals & SHOP INNOVATION, the trade show for the points of sale of the future. The coordination of these 3 shows represents a global 360 offer, the only one on the market of this importance.

The three trade fairs aim to bring together a total of 250 exhibitors and attract 15,000 visitors. So far, around 100 companies have registered as exhibitors at Time2 Market and 5,000 professionals have already registered through the various social networks to visit this event "at the cutting edge of the marketing techniques of the future".

appointment on www.time2market.fr and also follow its news on the social networks Viadéo, Facebook and Linkedin.

Registrations are open on its website www.time2market.fr

Training program : http://www.time2market.fr/main/programme_de_formation

Registration to the exhibition : http://www.time2market.fr/main/inscription

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