Moda Domani Institute: the innovative fibre


IONIS Education Group and the ISG announced on Tuesday, February 4, 2014 the launch of a new Business school specializing in the new worlds of luxury, fashion and design and their new territories of expression: Moda Domani Institute. 

Moda Domani Institute will be based on three priority dimensions: a very up-to-date pedagogy, a very international orientation and a real "incubator of passions".

An innovative school through its strategy of combining creativity and digital technology

"Luxury is freedom of spirit, independence, in short, political correctness. » Karl Lagerfeld  

The first link between innovation and fashion is that they are constantly renewing themselves. These two fields know how to combine, recycle, reinvent, but also how to think against the tide and cross the tide. Innovation and fashion work with "total brains": no innovation without creativity, and creativity without innovation is of little use in business, just as creativity without enchantment remains a dead idea in haute couture.

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This new Business school will be able to analyse trends, develop creative audacity, get involved in projects, know all the components of the creative process... all related to understanding the importance and functioning of the new digital tools: big data, cloud, CRM, e-reputation, m-commerce...
The school thus distinguishes itself from purely creative and technical knowledge, already transmitted by renowned fashion design and styling schools.
It differs from business schools by its specialised nature, its strong link with its fields, its modernity and its ability to integrate this triptych: strategy, creativity and digital.

Understanding the socio-cultural evolutions of consumers, mastering brand management, defining brand positioning, integrating international issues... are also part of the school's "Strategy" programme.  

A strategic location 

This new school will welcome its first students in September 2014 in new ISG premises located on rue Saint Marc, in Paris' 2nd arrondissement, a stone's throw from the windows of the Faubourg Saint Honoré, Place des Victoires, the Marais, major historical districts and trend-setting places, in perfect harmony with the school's universes.

A place which, throughout the course of the course, will allow students to meet professionals involved in pedagogy, to be confronted with these experts on a daily basis and to build up a network. In addition, the school has set up a professional development committee composed of around twenty professionals from these sectors: managers from major brands, entrepreneurs, journalists, bloggers, artists, creative people, representatives of professional institutions, press specialists.
This advisory committee will provide a permanent link between the school and its students and the reality of these worlds and its emerging trends. The members of the committee will also intervene during the five years to share their experiences and visions.

An intense 360° program

The course is organised in two cycles, the first three years being generalist and combining fundamental knowledge, projects, workshops (18 over the three years), international seminars (London and Milan) and experience in a partner university (United States, China, Italy, United Kingdom) because anticipating tomorrow's trends also requires integrating what is happening internationally; followed by a two-year expertise cycle of global skills acquisition and specific expertise with three areas to choose from: Fashion business and e-business, Luxury business and e-business, Design projects and innovation.
A wide professional opening is offered to students, with more than thirty referenced professions. 

Photo: Felipe Oliveira Baptista's exhibition at the Hyères 2013 International Fashion and Photography Festival

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"The link with the flagship companies in these worlds, whether historic brands that have made the world famous of Paris and France, new innovative players - especially on the Internet - or emerging trends such as collaborative locker room uses or m-commerce will be permanent. It's a school deeply in phase with the mutations of these universes" says Marc Drillech, Managing Director of IONIS Education Group.

 "The creation of Moda Domani Institute is a new experience for us. Twentieth school of IONIS Education Group, it's original yet legitimate. Legitimate: its name and its universes have been part of the ISG history for years; original because it offers passionate students a course in five which will allow them to discover these fields in a modern and complete way.
Moda Domani Institute is dedicated to training tomorrow's luxury, fashion and design experts. Entrepreneurs or future collaborators of prestigious brands, students will have five years to acquire all the knowledge they need and develop their personality, transforming their passion into a rich and intense career. »  dixit Marc Sellam, CEO of IONIS Education Group.

Textiles now provide unlikely combinations of digital technologies, digital technologies, and digital technologies. biotechnology... to the world of fashion. Considerable support for the development of the creative sector. 

In spite of the economic crisis, this world has not finished surprising us! And the opening of the Moda Domani Institute should encourage future artistic, playful, ingenious and poetic journeys in the world of fashion.


About IONIS Education Group

Created more than 30 years ago by Marc Sellam, the IONIS Group is today the leading private higher education group in France. The Group's 20 schools and entities* bring together nearly 19,000 students and 62,000 alumni in business, information technology, aeronautics, energy, transport, biology, management, finance, marketing, communication, etc.
and creation. The IONIS Group's vocation is to train the new intelligence of companies.
A strong international outlook, a great sensibility
innovation, entrepreneurship, a true "culture of adaptability and change" are the main values taught to future graduates of IONIS Education Group schools, who will become key players in the economy of tomorrow.

* ISG, Moda Domani Institute, ISEG Business & Finance School, ISEG Marketing & Communication School, ISTH, ICS Bégué, ISEFAC Bachelor, EPITA ,ESME Sudria, IPSA, Epitech, Sup'Biotech, e-artsup, Ionis-STM, SUP'Internet, ISEFAC Alternance, ETNA, IONIS Tutoring, Math Secours, IONIS Executive Learning.

More information : caroline.ales[at]

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