Hotel Seven Paris: welcome to the heart of an innovative concept.


In the heart of the Latin Quarter, close to the Pantheon and the Sorbonne, Le Seven offers a totally innovative hotel concept, far from the codes and landmarks of the traditional hotel industry.

The experience starts right at the entrance where a large video screen offers incredible 3D images and continues in the lobby where a versatile bar and a bewitching atmosphere await you. Choose from one of the 28 rooms Levitation, floating bed and raised bathtub, or one of the incredible suites, each one unique.

How would you describe the hotel? A place for fantasies or daydreamers. Some would say it's an establishment for crazy lovers. It has all the glamour and sensory cocoon; for others, it would be more of a "Champagne" and creative hotel.

What is obvious is that this hotel with its whimsical and modern intimacy takes pleasure in shaking up the purr of protocol: dormir levitating in the clouds, falling asleep in a cosy and comfortable cave or seeing the daylight set in the sky from a bed as big as a dream. Overflowing imagination, boundless creativity and daydreaming, this is Philippe Vaurs' credo, which has already demonstrated, however, with the Five Hotel and the One By The Five suite, that he has a passion for playful and offbeat hotels.

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It floats in the air like a highly contagious mischievous spirit. To paraphrase one of the seven suites inspired by the world of Lewis Carroll, this establishment in the land of Parisian hotels is a bit like "Malice in Wonderland". See for yourself!

Spirit 007...


The Seven is full of invention and technology. It has 28 rooms in "open sky". First heaven... Second heaven... It's easy to understand when you go upstairs that we are not in a hotel like the others. Tonight, we sleep... in weightlessness! The norm, in this hotel where all dreams are allowed, are the 28 "Levitation" rooms. The bed floats suspended in the middle of the room and we are off to dream above the clouds. You create your own scenography by turning the switches. The light comes from the floor, from the sides... the effect is striking. We are no longer in an ordinary room.

Even the translucent furniture seems to float in the air. In some, the bathtub, too, is levitating. To take the dream a little further, the flat screen TV is equipped with 4 olfactory channels: images of fields of flowers scroll by and the wind telegraphs a beautiful scent of roses or tulips.

We owe these findings to Vincent Bastie who has been involved in some beautiful Parisian hotel projects in recent years: The Hotel Le A, Le Five, Le Petit Moulin, The Apostrophe, The Murano, The Hidden... This architect's guiding thread is a bit like that of a "hotel author": telling a story each time, a story that starts in the lobby and ends in the rooms.

On the first floor, you can't miss La suite "007" designed by Vincent Bastie around a chic decor inspired by the 60s, that of the spaceship of the villain of the saga, a capsule perhaps, or a submarine, suggested by a wooded vault. There are few gadgets, everything is suggested.

One expects the headboard to move to reveal, I don't know what secret passage... One imagines that behind the mirror is a camera or a micro-spy... No, there's nothing like that!

The chic of the detail is also the futuristic shower-hammam cubicle signed Pininfarina with its spectacular seat, and this remote control that allows you to watch the 22 films of the saga on a giant screen. Above all, this suite is much more than just a bedroom: it's a real cinema set. The endless mirror gives a bewitching impression of depth and the giant screen hidden behind a tarp allows you to watch the adventures of the world's most famous spy.

Gorgeous, Black Diamond...

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The suites are signed by four creators, designers, decorators, architects. They have imagined fantasy suites where all dreams become possible.

The "Sublime" suite is the work of interior designer Vincent Bastie. For this suite, he used white and light to suggest the candor of love, absolute femininity. A deep and comfortable carpet, a bed with sensual curves that floats above the ground and a bed canopy "feathered" and studded with tassels. This room is designed as a reassuring cocoon, full of curves, never angular, complicit and reassuring. This ultra-feminine suite speaks of love without demonstration. Not a mischievous and incandescent boudoir, rather a cloud of love and wadded up.

With the complicity of Virginie Cauet, a quirky interior designer, fairy tales and fairy tales are at the rendezvous, so she fitted out the suite "Lovez-vous". The starting point is a game with the words "love" and "lover", to love each other, to curl up, to hide. She dreamed of a soft and primitive cocoon in which to curl up. A comfortable and mothering cave, both a cosy nest and a return to the roots. There is alabaster stone on the walls (the stone of caves), water running down the bathroom walls, a bio-ethanol fireplace (for comfort and the "fire war" side), a granular floor made of quartz silica, sheepskin as a comforting carpet and cowhide covering the bathtub and headboard.

In the Seven, there is a "Marie-Antoinette" suite. It tells a passionate love story between Marie-Antoinette and Count Axel de Fersen in a theatrical setting that could be that of the Petit Trianon. The curtains are drawn around the alcove bed and the décor changes at will: "Marie-Antoinette" chairs appear out of nowhere. Texts written by the architect Sylvia Corrette are hidden in the curtains and could - why not - reveal some intimate secrets.

The "Black Diamond" suite was born from Sylvia Corette's imagination to sleep in a rough diamond, a precious, sensual case, like a boudoir room protected from the outside world. Diamonds are facets and rough edges... They are everywhere: from the washbasin to the bathtub encrusted with Strass by Swarovski crystals, from the shower window cut like a diamond to the sofa. And to show that black is not just dark, she has used all its nuances by playing with the textures and brilliance of the materials: glass, velvet, glitter-encrusted tiles, plexi... This troubling suite, dark and luminous at the same time, is a passionate declaration of love.

Paul-Bertrand Mathieu signed the suite "Alice" in Wonderland. He has re-interpreted "Alice in Wonderland" in a very contemporary way. The world of Alice is set in motion at 360°: the ceilings and walls are animated with subliminal images... Images of daydreaming.

A falsely childish room, with a cheerful and offbeat spirit, just like the big mushroom-shaped footstool to play hide-and-seek or leapfrog. The symbol of this ironic poetry: the magic mirrors that hide a few secret words and the backlit chess game in the toilet to play a game... for two.

We won't miss the "ON/OFF" sequence. Paul-Bertrand Mathieu had two sets in one. Front: an elegantly sober decor, books, a boudoir room, an office... Back: a fantastic universe, an imaginary forest, objects of curiosity. By pressing the switch, the glass on the walls becomes opaque or transparent, it hides or reveals a second decor. Everywhere, proverbs and quotations on the theme of illusion are slipped in. The poetry is total in this room, stripped down and minimalist in its purity.

Illusion is everywhere... Don't imagine the illusion stops in the rooms. The adventure told by Philippe Vaurs never ends.

Behind the bar, a beautiful "hall of mirrors" plays with the appearance / disappearance of objects. You can see the silhouette of a bottle, a book... And then nothing more.

In the morning, airy atmosphere in the breakfast room, fresh white light, the air blows a veil at the back of the room and makes a projected image of a butterfly undulate.

In the evening, soft and warm light, the place changes into a futuristic wine cellar where the bottles appear on the walls like precious jewels. A pretty aroma of Gewürztraminer floats in the air thanks to the Scentys olfactory staging process.

You can also let yourself be carried away by the treatments and massages of Thai origin Harnn & Thann. A masseuse, graduated from the Wat-Po school in Bangkok, is at the disposal of clients for a Heritage Thai massage, foot reflexology, foot and face treatments, formulas to share or to offer... At Le Seven everything is done to escape, to fly away...

This is a confident and conniving hotel. A luxurious place, comical and efficient, sensual and funny at the same time, capable of making life lighter.

Seven Hotel Paris 20, rue Berthollet - 75005 Paris - France -

Photos ©Serge Ramelli

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