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Work metamorphosis

Métamorphose du travail, by Christine Afriat with the participation of Evelyne Bertin, Eric Hauet, Emily Lecourtois, Olivier Lejeune, Alain Petitjean - Editions Economica, March 2020 Artificial intelligence, robotics, 3D printing, industry 4.0, connected objects, blockchain are some of the threats that technological evolution poses to existing jobs. Beyond


The small Republic of Saillans

La petite République de Saillans, une expérience de démocratie participative, by Maud Dugrand - Edition enquête la brune au rouergue, February 2020 - 180 Pages In mars 2014, as the National Front makes a historic breakthrough in the first round of municipal elections, Saillans, a small town in 1 300 inhabitants in


An ecological currency to save the planet

Une monnaie écologique pour sauver la planète, by Alain Grandjean and Nicolas Dufrêne - Preface by Nicolas Hulot - Editions Odile Jacob, 26 February 2020 - 280 Pages The climate emergency is facing a formidable financing problem. No conventional financial strategy is capable of rapidly mobilising the considerable sums of money that are needed to meet the challenge.



Vivant, a collective work by Vandana Shiva, Pablo Servigne, Lamya Essemlali, Valérie Cabanes, Jonathan Attias, Sebastien Bohler, Laurie Debove, Gauthier Chapelle, Manuel and Cervera-Marzal - Edition La Relève et la Peste, December 2019 - 200 Pages Civil disobedience, fertile disobedience, protection of the oceans, power of interconnection between species, protection of the


Disobey me?!

Disobey me?! Regards croisés sur la désobéissance civile en démocratie, face à l'urgence écologique - Ouvrage collectif sous la direction de Bernard Lemoult et Marine Jaffrézic - Edition du Collège des Transitions Sociétales c/o IMT Atlantique, 12 février 2020 - 289 Pages Dominique Bourg, Sandrine Roudaut, Guillaune Durin, Extinction Rebellion,


The poor are our masters!

The poor are our masters! - Learning from those who resist misery: the Wresinski paradox, by David Jousset, Bruno Tardieu and Jean Tonglet - Preface by Isabelle Autissier - Edition Hermann, October 2019 - 208 Pages At the beginning of the 21st century, we are facing a number of challenges.


Citizen energies, a plethora of initiatives in the territories

Des énergies citoyennes, un foisonnement d'initiatives dans les territoires, by Patrick Norynberg - Editions Yves Michel, October 2019 - 274 Pages This book is a testimony on the emancipatory practices of collective intelligence which are sometimes numerous but little known. Within the framework of innovative approaches and co-construction, Patrick Norynberg,


A renewable future

A Renewable Future: Mapping the Energy Transition, by Richard Heinberg and David Fridley - Preface by Matthieu Auzanneau - Edition Ecosociété - Released February 20, 2020 - 264 Pages At a time when climate change is beginning to make its effects seriously felt, we must


Making the world unavailable

Rendre le monde indisponible, by Hartmut ROSA - Edition La Découverte, January 2020 - 144 Pages Dominating the world, exploiting its resources, planning its course... The cultural project of our modernity seems to have reached its culmination point: science, technology, the economy, social and political organization have made the


The domesticated counterculture

La contre-culture domestiquée - Art, espace et politique dans la ville gentrifiée, by Luca Pattaroni - Edition MétisPresses, Collection vuesDensemble, December 2019 - 296 pages For a long time a driving force in the contestation of urban development models and a focus for artistic experimentation, the alternative cultural milieu is now largely integrated into the


The climate that hides the forest

Le climat qui cache la forêt - Comment la question climatique occulte les problèmes d'environnement, by Guillaume Sainteny - Edition Rue de l'échiquier, collection L'écopoche, November 2019 - 256 Pages The book that puts the climate back in its place and contributes to renewing the debate on climate change. A word of comment


Where's the happiness

Il est où, le bonheur de François Ruffin - Editions Les Liens qui Libèrent (LLL), November 2019 - 192 pages François Ruffin positions himself here on the climatic and social emergency, with back and forth between past and present. A hard-hitting book aimed at young people (and others).


What if the living were anarchic

Et si le vivant était anarchique - La génétique est-elle une gigantesque arnaque ? by Jean-Jacques Kupiec - Edition Les Liens qui libèrent (LLL), October 2019 - 256 pages Would the gene determine the essential physical and psychic characteristics of the individual? In any case, this is what genetics proclaims.




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