France's economic rebound

Vincent Lorphelin - Editions Pearson / Collection Village mondial - 224 p - Released on April 6, 2012 Preface by Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet, founding director of PriceMinister 85 innovators, actors of growth and employment, testify. The rebound after the crisis is possible! Thanks to France's innovative strength


Made by China

Jean-François Dufour - Editions Dunod - January 2012 - 168 pages Les Secrets dʼune industrial conquest. Who are these new giants of Chinese lʼindustrie who develop, manufacture and market products under their own brands? Who embody "Made by China"? How did they manage to develop themselves as well as their products?


50 Innovations for Tomorrow

Patrice ZANA - Editions Alternatives - Collection Petits carnets (f) utiles - 2010 - 127 P Organic computer, magic rubber, invisibility cape, bone repairing paste, universal glasses, dental phone, vertical farm, laboratory meat, edible cotton, individual wind turbine... Patrice Zana presents here, in his clear and playful way, the


Innovation management

Séverine LE LOARNE and Sylvie BLANCO - Editions Pearson 2009 - 400 P Nourished by the authors' dual educational and professional experience, Management of Innovation is the only reference work in French on the subject. Covering all the fundamental concepts of the discipline, it focuses on


The marketing of uncertainty

Philippe CAHEN - Editions Kawa / Collection directed by Henri Kaufman Dec 2011 - 152 P Agile foresight method using weak signals and dynamic scenarios Foresight is not reserved for the elite. This original, flexible and economical method proves it. Between marketing with its


Aging well with digital technology

Anne-Carole Rivière and Amandine Brugière - FYP Editions / Collection La fabrique des possibles 2010 - 160 P Technologies that infantilize and isolate, or technologies that create links? We already know that we will live longer, and in an even more connected world. But have we really thought about

virtual worlds

Tomorrow, virtual worlds

Rémi SUSSAN - FYP Edition / Collection La fabrique des possibles 2009 - 96 P Born in the 80's, virtual reality invaded the world of video games, before taking over the Net. A technology of the imagination, made of the very substance of dreams, it gives rise to many



Dov SEIDMAN - Preface by Bill Clinton Or how behaviour becomes the key to success in business Dunod Editions Oct. 2011 - 384 p. In our hyper-connected society, if a company offers a new, cheaper, better performing product, it can easily be copied. It is


These creators of innovative companies

Quand doctorat se conjugue avec entrepreneuriat Clarisse Angelier et Jeanne Courouble - Preface by Laurence Parisot Editions Eyrolles December 2011 - 160 p. Every year, the CIFRE (Convention Industrielle de Formation par la Recherche) scheme enables more than 1000 students to gain a foothold in the business world. Next,


The Innovation Master plan

Langdon Morris Edition Innovation Academy 2011 - 326 p. An innovation management system. Progress in each area requires a framework that makes the main principles and practices understandable and achievable. This book presents a comprehensive framework for the new management of innovation. Is there a


Participatory innovation

Putting people back at the heart of the company Muriel Garcia and Nadège de Peganow Editions Scrineo - January 2012 252 p. You have never heard of participatory innovation, you have never heard of it, you have tested it or you want to put it in place, this book is for all those who are eager to


Discreet Fatalities

No situation is ever too narrow to stifle dreams Sébastien Jehan Edition First edition 2011 - 260 p Our society is experiencing the first interactions between the real and the virtual; what will happen when the border between the two no longer exists? When the


Maurice Benayoun, Open Art

Emergence of the Open Art Derrick de Kerckhove Edition New Scala Editions - November 2011 - 196 p. Very early on he proposed, with the Quarxs, the only acceptable explanation of the imperfection of the world. He knew how to ask The Great Questions: wondering whether God is flat and the devil


The intelligence of networks

Derrick de Kerckhove Edition Odile Jacob 2000 - 306 p. Derrick de Kerckhove, sociologist and philosopher, is a professor in the French Department at the University of Toronto and director of the Mac Luhan "Culture and Technology" program. He has published extensively on communications, technology, culture and technology.