Faced with the collapse, if I were mayor?

Face à l'effondrement, si j'étais maire? by Alexandre Boisson and André-Jacques Holbecq - Preface by Philippe Desbrosses - Editions Yves Michel, September 2019 - 187 Pages According to Alexandre Boisson and André-Jacques Holbecq, the probability of a future collapse is close; they develop the numerous causes. Geopolitical and financial crises,


Making the world unavailable

Rendre le monde indisponible, by Hartmut ROSA - Edition La Découverte, January 2020 - 144 Pages Dominating the world, exploiting its resources, planning its course... The cultural project of our modernity seems to have reached its culmination point: science, technology, the economy, social and political organization have made the


The climate that hides the forest

Le climat qui cache la forêt - Comment la question climatique occulte les problèmes d'environnement, by Guillaume Sainteny - Edition Rue de l'échiquier, collection L'écopoche, November 2019 - 256 Pages The book that puts the climate back in its place and contributes to renewing the debate on climate change. A word of comment


The forest lover of the sea

La forêt amante de la mer d'Hatakeyama Shigeatsu - Translation and afterword by Augustin Berque - Editions Wildproject - French edition, September 2019 - Drawings: Aizawa Kazuo - Photo: Francine Adam How to rebuild a wounded territory? In the north of Japan, Kesennuma Bay is in crisis. Faced with the


Nature Recreation

(Re)créations nature - Petits ateliers avec les plantes des bois et des prés de Doris Fischer - Edition Terran, March 2019 - 256 Pages Holidays are literally like playing hooky! And the readiness to learn for a prosperous life and a rapprochement with nature. Let's forget about tools and


Act Now - Our Climate Plan

Agir sans attendre - Notre plan pour le climat by Alain Grandjean, with Marion Cohen and Kévin Puisieux - Preface by Nicolas Hulot - Edition Les Liens qui libèrent (LLL), May 9, 2019 - 112 Pages What is this madness that locks France and Europe into a wait-and-see attitude while the


Zero waste

Zéro déchet, by Julie Bernier Editions Solar, 18 April 2019 - 240 Pages The simple, practical daily ecology manual for everyone! From our consumption, through food, hygiene, leisure activities, school and office, for responsible individual action committed to the collective.