The small Republic of Saillans

La petite République de Saillans, une expérience de démocratie participative, by Maud Dugrand - Edition enquête la brune au rouergue, February 2020 - 180 Pages In mars 2014, as the National Front makes a historic breakthrough in the first round of municipal elections, Saillans, a small town in 1 300 inhabitants in


Citizen energies, a plethora of initiatives in the territories

Des énergies citoyennes, un foisonnement d'initiatives dans les territoires, by Patrick Norynberg - Editions Yves Michel, October 2019 - 274 Pages This book is a testimony on the emancipatory practices of collective intelligence which are sometimes numerous but little known. Within the framework of innovative approaches and co-construction, Patrick Norynberg,

social and territorial innovation

Understanding, identifying and supporting social and territorial innovation

Comprendre, repérer et accompagner l'innovation sociale et territoriale - Guide pour renouveler son approche du développement local", by Mylène Thou and Pascale Vincent Editions Chronique sociale, novembre 2018 - 228 Pages Faced with ecological, economic and social challenges, many local initiatives are emerging and developing in the territories, sometimes


Revenge of the villages

La revanche des villages, by Eric Charmes Edition Seuil " La République des idées ", January 2019 - 112 Pages The opposition between town and country is outdated. Attracted by the dream of "the city in the country", peri-urban dwellers now account for a quarter of the French population. In some cities, they