the greenpeace campaign that disturbs

Greenpeace's forbidden advertising

"This Greenpeace advertisement was banned from the Paris metro and cinema networks. The NGO wanted once again to denounce the inaction of political leaders in the face of the climate emergency. In its press release, Greenpeace reports that the statement was judged "to have been made by the court of justice".


How are we going to live in the "urban furnaces"?

How are we going to live in the cities of the South of France if new climatic furnaces develop, as in 2019, endangering life? 2019 was the year of climatic awakening. Montpellier, Marseille, Toulouse, Narbonne, Nîmes... So many southern cities in which the inhabitants are active, active, active, active, active...


The pestiférés

A strange scene is being repeated in different parts of the world at the moment, in the skyscrapers of business districts, on the top floors of glass towers, or in the quiet and discreet clubs of Wall Street or the City. Scenes worthy of the Shakespearean tragedies the


These French banks that finance the destruction of the world's forests

According to data analysed by the NGO Global Witness, between 2013 and 2019, the French financial sector financed five of the six most harmful agro-industrial companies directly or indirectly involved in deforestation activities in the world's three most important tropical forests, namely the Brazilian Amazon, the Amazon Basin and the Amazonian Basin.

Seed release

Advocacy for seed release

Since the end of the Second World War, and especially since 1981, a situation rent had been set up for the benefit of a club of a few agrochemical and agricultural giants such as Bayer and Monsanto, under the pretext of "ensuring security for users",


Silence for the rich, noise for the poor?

Ringing telephones, alarms, airplanes, horns, roaring engines... our sound environment is increasingly deafening and silence has become a rare commodity, even an object of covetousness. But what is silence and what do we deprive ourselves of when we no longer have access to it? Environmental issue,


Should there be resource quotas per citizen?

The only effective and socially just way to meet our climate commitments is to allocate each citizen a quota of fossil energy, part of which he or she can freely sell or buy from his or her neighbours. What international agreements or national governments never talk about: reluctant

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