Paris bombings

The ideological war will indeed take place

"You can't stop us because we're already dead." The men who terrorised Paris on the evening of Friday 13 November are absent, who have deserted their lives. Numerous testimonies have reported their staggering coldness. Blind and mute. We cannot ignore this disaster, even if their victims - our children, our youth, our most precious possession - overwhelm us with pain. Attacked in their joy of life.
But will we get to the bottom of this question: How can our society, which has sheltered in its bosom the Kouachi brothers, the Merah brothers and this time the brothers it capable of secreting such monsters? How does our age make possible, in the bosom of youth, the absurd forging of a fictitious omnipotence; that of death?
On both sides, young people who are in or out of work want to be invulnerable. Eternal even. The former enjoy killing on GTA 5, (Grand Theft Auto) this action-adventure video game from publisher Rockstar North. It's about taking the body of a virtual criminal. Through a heinous hijacking, the seconds don't play anymore. They're practicing. With the same game. "I found out how Daech's propaganda was using the GTA V game to fulfill his fantasies of murder and world domination, writes Damien Bancal in a article published on November 14 on the website. Zataz referenced dozens of new Twitter accounts during the night of Friday to Saturday, November 14. Accounts closed as quickly as they could reappear. When I traced one of the "creators" of propaganda spaces, I discovered that he had made videos from the game GTA 5".
Words that generate
The virtual is one of the weapons of this war of images. We know how much horror staging fuels Daech. 87 terrorist sites have just been crushed from the Internet. But for how long? Should we defer to the initiatives of the collective Anonymus, which aired the November 14 announcement of a robot that says: "Yes, we will hunt you down! "Know that we will find you and we will not let go.".
The madmen of radicalism take a break from reality by inventing a life of heroes with organized proselytes who inoculate the venom in three doses. In the market of ideologies, the idle of the world find a status, a mission, a destiny. They become the saviors able to restore a lost Caliphate, they adopt the rationalization of hatred (the right to kill) and the trivialization of evil (one thinks of Eichmann). Blindness of the undead who strike where they have left the world. Where other young people of their age have found their rise and their carelessness. Unbearable.
Drawing by Arend
Taking care of a "generation on the verge of rupture".
We've been at war for over ten years and we don't know it? Dissociated by the overhang of our drones and screens, we're suddenly forced to see. Bloody bodies like those of our brothers in Beirut, rounded up by the same Kalashnikovs on the eve of the carnage in Paris. We are at war with an internal enemy that is hard to identify, like an octopus with many faces. Revenge of the past, humiliation, mental misery, cynicism, despair... are the springs of Daech's capture of nearly a dozen young people every week from our homeland alone. "It's an ideological war that we must wage." insists Malek Boutih, MP for Essonne, author of the report. "Radical Generation" (delivered to the Prime Minister in June 2015). Portrait of a "generation on the brink of rupture". Thrown into suicidal ambivalence. Connected and so disconnected from reality. Joyful and frustrated. Integrated and disintegrated. A youth that somatizes all the "unbearable" that gangrene us.
When will we truly and collectively dare to name the smouldering fires? The humiliations, insidious violence, indifference, dilution of meaning that are the bedrock of the violence to come, as witnessed by the stories after the Munich agreements or those of Oslo... Zones of lawlessness in our suburbs, so distinctly camped out in Jacques Audiard's latest film, Dheepan. Urban ghettos or ignorance of others whose strangeness does not interest us. Widespread anonymity. Bubbles of indifference in transportation that no longer have anything in common.
You think you can keep the peace when...?
Our political systems have imploded, through financial compromises and double-dealing. Young people no longer believe the word of the heads of state. Images rule and make war. They allow everything and its opposite. They burst our heads in frenzy and false appearance. So let us ask our voices in real life, in local life, and address simple questions. Very simple questions like the one of the G20 which asks about the financing of the Islamic State [EI]. We are told that the resources are those of the conquered territories: oil and gas wells, phosphate mines, cotton... And by occult channels involving Turkish businessmen. « There are significant links between the barbarism and fascism of Islamic radicals and the climate.insists. Corinne Lepage. This link is called oil. Daech lives from all the smuggling, all the trafficking, but in particular from the aid from oil countries and smuggled oil. Incidentally, this raises the question of the direct and indirect clients of this illegal oil, the reasons why the wells that supply Daech have not been neutralised and the ambiguities that remain on the part of a number of countries that claim to be fighting Daech. Consequently, reducing the role of oil and hydrocarbons, developing the energy autonomy of each State thanks to renewable energies, amounts to moving away from the omnipotence of oil producers and reducing Daesh's means".
No peace against others
As COP 21 opens on 30 November in Paris, will we finally be able to address the geopolitical issue of global warming? Will we be able to take the measure of the increasing violence inflicted by the handful of powerful predators on the poorest? "Do you think the world will be able to remain at peace while inequalities continue to grow and the climate issue is adding to inequality? "points with lucidity Nicolas Hulot. This political discourse is the same as the one developed by Pope Francis who throughout his Encyclical Laudate Si recalls the structural link between justice and respect for life.
Linking words and deeds can be our collective therapy. Not by looking for guarantees of impossible security. Not by pretending not to be afraid. But by looking for ways to embody our implication for another world. Continue to sing like Anne Sylvestre this morning, despite the death of Baptiste Chevreau, her grandson, victim of the Bataclan.
Dorothée BrowaeysDeputy Editor-in-Chief UP' Magazine

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