MIT rewards the 10 most outstanding young innovators in France


For the first time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is rewarding the ten most outstanding young innovators in France. On Tuesday evening at L'Atelier BNP Paribas, MIT Technology Review rewarded the ten most outstanding French innovators under 35 years of age in the presence of the Minister of Higher Education and Research, Geneviève Fioraso, who presented the winners with their diplomas, and Kathleen Kennedy, Strategic Director of MIT Technology Review.

For the first time, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), through its journal MIT Technology Review, has awarded the country's most outstanding young innovators under the age of 35 in the fields of innovations, technological development, research and entrepreneurship. The awards, sponsored by the Val de Marne Development Agency, BNP Paribas and L'Atelier, Alcatel-Lucent, MIT Club de France, Microsoft Bizpark, Le Figaro and French Web, enjoy great international prestige and aim to recognize young innovators as the most talented in each country in the fields of innovation, technological development, research and entrepreneurship.

At the awards ceremony, two exceptional prizes were presented :

Innovator of the Year Award to David Fattalwhich develops 3D imagery and video on mobile terminals, without glasses, from any angle. This hologram specialist has invented a technique to view 3D images on smartphones. Already a specialist in quantum teleportation, at At the age of 33, David Fattal has just invented a technology that will probably revolutionize mobile phones.  "A leap that hasn't been made in physics for 100 years," according to an MIT researcher interviewed by the Technology Review. 

After Polytechnique, he joined Stanford, specializing in quantum computing. He then moved on to HP Labs, where he was hired to work on the subject. "But my personal interest quickly shifted to more concrete things that could have an impact on today's society. Quantum computing, science fiction? Maybe not so much. "But we won't see the applications of quantum computing for another 50 or 100 years! ». He then approached the photonics laboratory to work on problems of optical interconnection. 

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Pierre-Emmanuel Grange receives the Solidarity Innovator of the Year Award, which is developing a daily micro-donation scheme to increase NGO funding through payroll donation and supermarket donation cards. His company is called MicroDon who offers innovative tools for collecting donations from a few cents to a few euros. 

"We are committed to supporting and helping solidarity, social and environmental associations. The microDON card is mainly aimed at small local associations. On average, card operations enable us to collect €1,000, a substantial sum when you consider that half of the million associations in France live on a budget of less than €5,000. "he declares.

Kathleen Kennedy, director of MIT Technology Review, congratulated the winners who she says "represent the future", "it's an honor to present this incredible event".

These ten young innovators symbolize the current panorama of technological change and are an example of French talent. They help not only to improve the present but also to build the future with the ambitious wager of changing the world.

The ten winners

David Fattal (33) Innovator of the Year - Pierre-Emmanuel Grange (34) Solidarity Innovator of the Year - Abdenour Abbas (33) -Simon Benmarraze (28) - Daniel Marhely (26) - Thibaut Mercey (34) - Emanuele Orgiu (34) - Etienne Perret (33) - Massimiliano Salsi (33) - Matthew Sonnati (28)

Encouraging and supporting innovation is part of the DNA of BNP Paribas, an innovative company in all its businesses, in terms of adopting new technologies as well as new organisations. The dialogue between these young innovators and BNP Paribas is extremely rich because "we too must constantly innovate to serve our clients and their new uses. »

The existence of L'Atelier within the BNP Paribas Group, which for more than thirty years has been detecting breakthrough innovations that herald upheavals for companies and their employees, demonstrates the desire to forge close links with the innovation ecosystem, thanks to its outward-looking activities and its international locations (Shanghai and San Francisco to date). It is also the meaning of L'Atelier LabThe new service brings innovative entrepreneurs and large companies together to help them jointly develop new digital products and services.

About the MIT Technology Review

MIT Technology Review is the world's oldest technology popularization journal, published by Technology Review Inc, an independent company owned by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Founded in 1899, it is the dean of its field and a global authority on the future of telecommunications, energy, computing, materials, biomedicine, the Internet and business. Its objective is to promote knowledge of emerging technologies and analyse their commercial, political and social implications. Its perspective on innovation helps and guides technology and business leaders (entrepreneurs, researchers, investors and financiers) to improve the global economy.

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About L'Atelier

For more than thirty years, L'Atelier BNP Paribas has been detecting breakthrough innovations that herald changes for companies and their employees. Its aim is to help organisations transform these ideas into operational projects. L'Atelier is located in three major innovation regions (USA, China and Europe) to identify, advise and support companies. The monitoring unit is based on four activities: Media, which carries out a shared monitoring on its various media (website, radio, social media); Events, which allows the exchange around innovative issues, Digital Strategy Consulting, which places the innovations detected in the context of companies and businesses. Finally, L'Atelier Lab brings together innovative entrepreneurs and large companies, to help them design new digital products and services together.

About BNP Paribas

BNP Paribas is present in 80 countries with nearly 200,000 employees, including more than 150,000 in Europe. The Group holds key positions in its three core businesses: Retail Banking, Investment Solutions and Corporate & Investment Banking. In Europe, the Group has four domestic markets (Belgium, France, Italy and Luxembourg) and BNP Paribas Personal Finance is number one in personal lending. BNP Paribas is also developing its integrated retail banking model in the countries of the Mediterranean basin, Turkey, Eastern Europe and has a large network in the Western United States. In its Corporate & Investment Banking and Investment Solutions businesses, BNP Paribas enjoys leadership in Europe, a strong presence in the Americas and a solid and fast-growing presence in Asia-Pacific.

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