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The 10 jobs of tomorrow that don't exist today

The surge of artificial intelligence and the all-digital world is creating, as a corollary, a concern about employment. All analyses agree that a considerable number of workers will be replaced by machines in the near future. What is less said, however, is the mass of new jobs that the digital world promises us. They will appear very quickly, but some of them do not exist today, and their nature is not even suspected. The Centre for the Future of Work at Cognizant, a major IT consulting firm, has taken on this task. It reveals a list of jobs that some of us will be doing in less than ten years.
Cach day, an academic, researcher or technology guru suggests that, in a world of automation and artificial intelligence, workers will be increasingly surplus to what companies need. The concern is understandable. AI, first an academic theory and a Hollywood intrigue, is making its way into our lives, into our leisure, our games, our health, our education, our information. And our work.
When machines do everything or almost everything, many people wonder what will become of them. Especially since the competition is unequal. The machines are cheaper and cheaper, they never get sick, they don't take holidays and they obey without flinching. What's more, they are faster and smarter than we are in many areas of our activities.
So are we condemned to idleness, to forced unemployment, to perpetual vacations financed by a more or less hypothetical basic income?

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In the face of this vision, other perspectives may open up. Without looking very far back, everyone can see that the work is constantly evolving. That some jobs disappear and others appear. Who makes a living today as a telegrapher, switchboard operator, bank teller, elevator operator, or even secretary? Yet these jobs occupied millions of people in the near past.
Millions of people today are doing work they hate: dirty, dangerous, tedious, wearing, or just plain boring. Why not imagine replacing their jobs with jobs that are more fulfilling, more enjoyable and, what's more, more lucrative? Who would be nostalgic for those lost jobs? The machines will be able to replace them.
For some it is a tragedy, but do they think that machines need men? In the present state of progress, can they create themselves, market themselves, deliver themselves, maintain themselves without human intervention? We often think about this fundamental reality: intelligent machines solve and, at the same time, create problems. It is up to us to solve them. This is the nature of man. It is up to him to invent new functions, new tasks. Because work will change but will not disappear. New forms of employment will appear, necessarily.
The Centre for the Future of Work of the Cognizant Group, which regularly provides original research and analysis on labour trends and dynamics, has published an analysis A thorough investigation of the twenty-one jobs that will be created in the next ten years that do not exist today. These are not science fiction jobs, but jobs that human resources departments will have to fill in the near future. Some are highly technological, while others do not require much technical knowledge and are more in the societal or relational realm.
Tens of millions of new jobs are expected to be created over the next 10 to 15 years. Many of the jobs of the future are today's jobs - teachers, doctors and police officers will still be there - but many of them will turn into odd, often strange and disruptive jobs. Jobs that will seem strange to our parents and, in time, may seem ridiculous to our children. That is what work has always done. Change.
From Cognizant's list, we selected ten symptomatic items. Here they are in the form of job postings.

Detective data

Position Summary :
Do you enjoy digging up leads, ruling out suspects and solving problems? Then we have the job for you! We're looking to hire creative and talented people who can help us explore the mysteries of our big data. What does our data tell us? What secrets does it contain?
Needs :
You will generate meaningful business responses and recommendations from the investigation of data from the Internet, devices, sensors, biometric monitors, traditional IT infrastructure, next-generation cloud, meshing, neural capabilities, etc. Objectives of your mission: "Where is the data? "and "What does the data say? ».

Ethical Procurement Manager

Position Summary :
Our organization is looking for an individual to lead ethical sourcing initiatives within our company. The ideal candidate will lead our ethical sourcing team and ensure that the allocation of company revenues is in line with the standards set by our stakeholders (clients and employers), as codified by the company's ethics committee. This role covers three main categories of indirect ethical spending: energy, waste and community sponsorship.
Needs :
As the person responsible for ethical procurement, you will ensure that the company's indirect expenses are allocated in accordance with the standards set by the Ethics Committee, of which you will also be a member. The ideal candidate will use his or her skills in digital procurement, auditing and innovation to fulfill the company's ethical mandate, develop indirect expertise in the category, and track and test the large number of suppliers who could potentially provide goods and services.


Position Summary :
In this age of high technology, AI and automation are making more jobs and people are living longer. There is therefore an urgent need for the unemployed/underemployed to find new types of work and for older people to be supported. Our society solves both of these problems both by connecting seniors with conversation groups in the comfort of their own homes and, for our more mobile customers, by providing them with a person with whom they can walk and talk.
Needs :
Attention is one of the most valuable resources in today's time-constrained world. By becoming a walker/speaker - when there are so many sources of entertainment and distraction constantly available and so many demands on our time - you will be tapping into one of the greatest sources of value a human being can provide. Our philosophy allows our clients to re-engage with the world and break the curse of isolation that afflicts so many elderly people whose families are geographically distant, whose partners have died and who know few people in their local community. Our clients pay for these services themselves or through grants and public funds. Academic research has shown that motivated and energized seniors are twice as healthy as those who spend most of their time alone; the savings generated by our health services more than pay for themselves.
As a walker/speaker, you will spend time with clients (usually on an hourly basis). The ideal candidate will be able to listen, respond and generate conversation rather than dominate or direct the conversation. Your main task as a walker/speaker is to "pay attention".

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Health Care Technician RN-assisted

Position Summary :
We are a large health care organization looking for an RN-assisted health care technician to complement our new remote health care team. Our organization has re-imagined affordable healthcare and needs enthusiastic, friendly and empathetic healthcare technicians to lead the first wave of this deployment.
Needs :
Health care, increasingly improved by RNs, is now widely available and on demand for all. With health professionals practicing RN, in-depth patient care and diagnosis is no longer reserved for physicians with years of qualifications. The new phase of health care has arrived, and we want to take you to the next stage of your health care career, with a view to building a more efficient, responsive and accurate hospital system for the nation.
In this role, you'll be in the field and in the hospital setting to examine, diagnose, administer and prescribe appropriate treatment to patients, supported by state-of-the-art RN technology and remotely accessible physicians. The ideal candidate will be excellent at building close and trusting relationships with patients and making optimal use of the digital diagnostic tools and remote physicians available to them.

Team leader men-machines

Position Summary :
Man-machine collaboration is the new work force. We have an exciting career opportunity for individuals who can help combine the strengths of robots/AI software (accuracy, endurance, computation, speed, etc.) with the strengths of humans (cognition, judgment, empathy, versatility, etc.) in a common environment for common business goals.
The main task of this role is to develop an interaction system through which humans and machines communicate their capabilities, goals and intentions to each other, and to design a task planning system for human-machine collaboration. The ultimate goal is to create hybrid teams that generate better results through human-machine collaboration.
Needs :
The future of work will depend on how companies extend the capabilities of people and machines by making them collaborative. As part of our work to transform machines and workers into collaborative "colleagues" to achieve entirely new levels of performance, we are looking for a seasoned professional to help shape the future of work and the workplace within our company.
As a human-machine team manager, you will identify tasks, processes, systems and skills that can be upgraded by the new technologies available and imagine new approaches, skills, interactions and constructs. You will define roles and responsibilities and establish rules for coordinating machines and workers to accomplish a task. You design flexible experiences that meet workers' expectations, while providing simple and intuitive interaction with machines.

Digital Tailor

Position Summary :
We are the largest women's fashion e-commerce site in the world. Since our beginnings, we have changed the rules of the fashion game. To reach the next stage of our development, we are looking for talented tailors, seamstresses and seamstresses to work with our customers at home to perfect the fit and finish of their products ordered online.
Currently, 40% of online clothing orders are being returned due to imperfect sizing and fit. Our goal is to reduce this number to zero. Through the use of appropriate technological tools, the person in this role will work with customers to obtain accurate sizes and measurements and ensure that our garments fit every woman every time.
Needs :
As a digital tailor, you'll work with customers at home or at their place of work to ensure that the clothes ordered online fit perfectly when delivered. You will set up your AI tools, walk the customer through the short measurement process (which usually takes less than 10 minutes), ensure that all required measurements are entered correctly, and upload them to our cloud ordering system. You will also give advice and recommendations to the customer on style, choice of fabric, draping, etc. and provide added value about fashion trends, new design names and upcoming events.
You will then recontact the customer with the finished material and provide final adjustment and rework services, including, but not limited to, last-minute adjustments and accessories.

Trusted cryptocurrency agent

Position Summary :
The person in this role will work alongside our internal finance and public relations teams, managing and strengthening our public and private presence across the financial sphere, juggling cryptographic currencies while applying the principles of greater transparency.
Needs :
The rise of the instantly connected and morally aware investor and consumer has fuelled the demand for hyper-transparent organizations. However, this is being undermined by the development of the widespread use of cryptocurrency transactions such as Bitcoin. The era of Swiss bank accounts is over and in their place we find block currency. More than ever, organizations must explicitly prove their financial integrity when dealing with currencies that were designed to remain secret.
As a result, a role is emerging within our organization that requires financial and regulatory expertise to deal with traditional currencies and cryptography. Expertise must be complemented by good public relations practice to maintain a positive public image that preserves the financial and public integrity of our organization.

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Virtual store Sherpa

Position Summary :
Since the advent of online retailing, the need for "old-fashioned" customer service has doubled. One of the major challenges is the persistent anxiety that some customers experience when browsing a large online site. With our "sherpas", we want to offer our customers instant, high-quality virtual service and advice.
Needs :
As a Sherpa in a virtual store, you will understand the difference between "forced selling" and being useful. That's why you will focus on customer satisfaction by knowing our range of products, and offer advice that you will give virtually to customers to help them achieve their projects.
You will use telepresence and augmented reality to attract customers and provide consistently efficient service. You will lead natural, unwritten conversations that will satisfy the customer.
You use the in-depth knowledge of your department and your catalogue to provide information on the product's functionality and to find out which additional items could be offered. 

Personal memory keeper

Position Summary :
The dizzying progress in health care has led to longer life expectancy. Yet our seniors need innovative solutions to deal with their increased longevity, as advances in brain health care are lagging behind. This role requires consultation with a wide range of stakeholders, media and historical sources in order to re-create and reframe past experiences to reduce the stress or anxiety that simple memory loss causes.
Needs :
Conservation experiences require a combination of physical spaces and multi-project environments composed of realistic images, sounds and other sensations that simulate the patient's presence in a previous familiar time or environment.
As a personal memory keeper, you will consult with patients and their loved ones to generate specifications for virtual reality experiences that bring a particular time, place or event to life. The ideal candidate will have a high degree of emotional intelligence for uncovering lost memories and experiences, as well as a strong knowledge of virtual reality simulation techniques. A prior contract will detail the experiences the patient wishes to have and determine the depth of the journey. Advance notification is communicated before memory problems occur, with regular genetic screening of the population self-regulating the advance notification process.
You'll generate and manage advanced memory status, and work with a team of researchers to blend the content of personal data streams and image banks to create enjoyable patient experiences. You will create specifications for the Virtual Reality team to create the scenery, ambience, historical time, etc.

Urban Airspace and Road Traffic Controller

Position Summary :
We are a large municipality looking for a controller to help regulate roads and airspace in the downtown area. The successful candidate will join the Downtown Control Management team to monitor, regulate, plan and manipulate airspace and roadways, and monitor and program automated AI platforms used for space management of self-propelled vehicles and UAVs. The ideal candidate should be comfortable in occasionally highly stressful environments and be proficient with sophisticated AI tools.
Needs :
Our cities have changed. The rise of autonomous vehicles and the massive increase in UAV deliveries have led cities to rethink the management of road and airspace. The nondriving car has rewritten the rules of the road, which means faster speed limits and more efficient journeys.
Air traffic has become too congested. UAVs are now swarming in the skies, but these aircraft have no pre-set flight paths and, as a result, pose a danger to traditional aircraft.
The management of these urban spaces is now crucial. In the role of controller, you will work in our city's space control centre, alternately monitoring automated road and airspace management systems to ensure that no errors occur that could endanger life or property.
Source : report Cognizant
Pictograms: Lazaro Gamio / Axios

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