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Chemistry and Light" Symposium

26 February 2020

:::26/02 - The Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie is organizing its next conference, in the framework of "Chemistry and ..." on February 26, 2020 on the theme of "Chemistry and Light".
"To promote the advancement of Chemical Science and its applications and to develop exchanges between scientists, academics, industrialists and various national and international organizations" is the objective of the free colloquia of the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie.

Since the Big Bang, 14 billion years ago, chemistry and light have been intimately linked. The photochemistry that defines the interactions between light and matter is present everywhere in interstellar space as it is on Earth. Without photosynthesis, for example, life would not exist.
Photochemistry contributes to multiple functions in our daily lives and its applications are numerous in the industrial, biological and agricultural fields, or in the fields of health and well-being. The broad frequency spectrum of light that we now know how to control, particularly with the advent of lasers, has further broadened the scope and importance of possible applications. The latest developments in photochemistry, including with laser light, will be presented by experts from public and industrial research.

Examples will show you the importance of chemistry-light interactions in the origin of life and the field of health, and their contribution to art, energy transition, and the quality and comfort of our daily life.
The scientific and technological development of this field involves collaboration and exchanges between chemists, physicists and biologists.

The Colloquiums in the series "Chemistry and ..." organized and financed by the Fondation de la Maison de la Chimie aim to make all audiences, especially young people, aware of the current and expected contributions of science in the future, and to respond with honesty and scientific rigour to the public's thirst for understanding.

These symposia also aim to interest young people in innovation and attract them to R&D jobs. Trans - disciplinary, they encourage exchanges between academics and industrialists in the disciplines concerned with a level of intervention that is accessible to all to allow a broad debate.
These symposia, open to a wide audience, bring together 1200 participants on average.

Speakers :

  • Stéphane AUVRAY - Sales Director SageGlass France - Saint-Gobain - Towards intelligent and connected glazing for sustainable and comfortable buildings.
  • Jean-Claude BERNIER - University of Strasbourg - Electronic light from the cathode ray tube to flat screens.
  • Thierry ENGEL - Scientific Manager - IREPA LASER - The LASER in an industrial context: an astonishing range of applications.
  • Marie-Paule FELDER SCHMITTBUHL - Research Director, Institute of Cellular and Integrative Neurosciences, CNRS-University of Strasbourg - Light on the brain: from circadian clocks to light therapy.
  • Marc FONTECAVE - Professor at the Collège de France - Artificial photosynthesis: from CO2 to "solar fuels".
  • Sébastien FORGET - Senior Lecturer - Laser Physics Laboratory, University of Paris 13, CNRS - Chemistry with laser light: a fruitful symbiosis.
  • Jean-François GUILLEMOLES - Director CNRS, Institut Photovoltaïque d'Ile de France - Chemistry and Photovoltaics: de E. Becquerel to the present day, a radiant career path.
  • Thierry HERNING - President BASF France - Chemistry and light control.
  • Norbert HOFFMANN - CNRS Research Director, University of Reims, Institute of Molecular Chemistry of Reims (ICMR) - Organic photochemistry and its industrial applications.
  • Louis Le SERGEANT d'HENDECOURT - Research Director CNRS, PIIM, Aix-Marseille University - Light, Molecules & Origins.
  • Jean-François LETARD - President and Founder OliKrom - Intelligent materials, from CNRS research to the creation of a company.
  • Jacques LIVAGE - Professor Emeritus at the Collège de France - Glass, light and colour.
  • Lionel SIMONOT - Lecturer at the Institut Pprime, University of Poitiers - From oil lamps to LEDs - Physico-chemical history of artificial lighting.

Conferences are individually captured and transmitted live and then edited for use in delayed video projection. They are then published in a book edited by EDPSciences and sold in bookstores.


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