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Our lifestyles affect many chronic diseases. In order to help everyone to change their habits in the long term and to age in the best possible conditions, the Fontalvie Group opened in September 2014 in Montpellier R-Revolution Santé a pilot Health Optimization center based on a concept of 4P medicine: preventive medicine (it influences lifestyle), participative (everyone becomes an actor in their own health), personalized (each being is different) and predictive (which takes into account genetic potential).

Problems of stress, depression and anxiety at work are not new and affect 15.8% of the European working population. (1). In France, according to the survey by the Think for Great Place to Work institute published on 7 January 2015 (2)Nearly one employee in two (48%) says he is confronted with situations of burn-out or at very high levels of stress for himself or for loved ones". According to this study, 17% of employees say they are potentially in burn-out, an increase of 5% compared with a study conducted in 2012, which estimated 12% of the French labour force, one out of every five executives (3)The term "at high risk of burn-out« . An alarming upward trend that deserves to be taken seriously.

At a time when some thirty members of parliament want to include burnout in the list of occupational diseases, the R-Revolution Santé pilot centre in Montpellier, which specialises in health prevention, is already providing answers to this disease of civilisation, which involves a triple suffering: intellectual, emotional and physical.

R-Revolution Santé, Health Optimization Centre

Created by the Fontalvie Group which has more than 25 years in the health sector, R-Health Revolution is the 1st Health Optimisation Centre in France, which takes into account lifestyle habits and enables everyone to take responsibility for their health through non-drug therapies, working in five areas: physical activity, nutrition, sleep, emotions and memory.
Conceived to take care of oneself, the centre, whose contemporary design is signed by Jean-Paul Meyran for the architecture, Karl Petit for the interior architecture and Amélie Baudin for the artistic direction, welcomes the "youngsters". actients "on four colorful levels. A concept based on various scientific studies and the contribution of specialists (doctors, researchers...) to put it together and give it content. Here, the management of clients is based on the establishment of individual assessments based on five key elements: cognition, emotions, physical activity, nutrition, sleep. Initially, four interviews of 45 minutes each are conducted with a psychologist (motivation, objectives), a physiotherapist (functional profile), a dietician-nutritionist and, more curiously, a beautician (body and face biotype profile), in order to take the person's pulse and understand his or her lifestyle...". Everything is scientifically validated and of interest", insists the head of the centre.

Accompanied and advised in a personalised manner, the actients has a complete infrastructure that meets all the needs of our time: an institute dedicated to fitness and relaxation, a restaurant for healthy eating and pleasure, varied physical activity workshops accessible to all, a training platform with top-of-the-range equipment, an aquatic area and a quality SPA. The team of health coaches is composed of physiotherapists, physical education teachers, psychologists, dieticians-nutritionists, beauticians, osteopaths, sophrologist, etc...

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To give life to this new generation of medicine, the centre has invested in a building of more than 3,000 m2 entirely dedicated to well-being. Any treatment begins with a comprehensive health check-up, starting at 250 euros. Cognition, emotions, physical activity, nutrition and sleep are accurately assessed by a transdisciplinary team of health professionals. They then propose a tailor-made health action plan. The monthly subscription starts at 70 euros.

Preventing Burnout in Businesses

The health of a company depends on the health of its employees...It is therefore essential to prevent cases of exhaustion, and to anticipate them in order to avoid them! Everyone, at an individual level, can act on his or her burn-outjust as the company can act for its employees.

The transdisciplinary team of R-Revolution santé offers specific training courses for employees, executives or company managers, to help them identify the symptoms of burn-outand to prevent them by means of non-drug therapies (physical activity, sleep, relaxation, diet, emotional management, etc.).
The format of the "Burn-out: Recovering the balance" courses is adapted to the possibilities of the companies (from 3 to 5 days, grouped or spread over different periods). Based on group dynamics, practical and pragmatic workshops, led by health professionals, these courses help to find a satisfactory life balance.

Getting to know each other better so that you can approach your work more serenely.

Preserving a balance between your professional and private life, having a healthy life and work environment, being attentive to your living environment inside and outside the workplace, better understanding your circadian rhythms to know how to rest, etc., these are some of the themes addressed at R- Health Revolution.

In theory, it may seem obvious to take care of oneself, but in a tense economic context, these good resolutions are increasingly falling by the wayside. Caught up in their "To do list", many assets are no longer able to disconnect and make sense of things. Symptoms may appear: anxiety, insomnia, loss of energy, difficulty concentrating ... R-Health Revolution strives to provide personalized solutions.

Workshops and discussions led by professionals specializing in the treatment of burn-out (doctors, psychologists...) allow everyone to see more clearly and then put into practice the advice of specialists in the field.

Physical activity to relieve tension, relaxing and detoxifying treatments in our institute to learn how to relax, healthy food menus with foods specifically selected for their "anti-stress" virtues are available to trainees. Supervised and coached by doctors, nutritionists, physical activity teachers, physiotherapists, massage therapists, and by professionals in the field of well-being and relaxation: a tailor-made programme and a personalised follow-up are determined with each participant.
The comprehensive approach allows everyone to identify the risks of burnout and to conduct a lifestyle assessment to prevent the symptoms of burn-out and avoid the gears that lead to depression.

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Doctor Desplan, founder of the concept, insists on the essential notion of pleasure: "Patients are more likely to make lifestyle changes if there is an immediate benefit. » Desplan is not at its trial run in terms of health innovation. Twenty years ago, with his Fontalvie group, he revolutionized pneumology by rehabilitating physical exercise for people with respiratory insufficiencies. The Fontalvie group was contacted by several cities in France that are closely interested in the concept. In addition, a major Fontalvie Group centre is due to be opened in Marrakech at the beginning of 2015. 

Finally some common sense in the world of health!

(1) Eurostat: Work and Health in the EU, a statistical portrait - 2004
(2) Survey by the Think Institute for Great Place to Work conducted online from 7 to 14 October 2014 with a sample of 1,000 French employees.
(3) According to a study carried out by an occupational risk prevention firm, (Technologia in September 2012)

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