Magnetism: a rediscovered innovation


If we consider that the habit of resorting to conventional medicine is a reflex that prevents the vast majority of people from any desire for innovation, it is high time to put magnetism, the energetic approach, back into its rightful place. The connotations of magnetism make one think of grandmothers' recipes, of old village sages... In fact, magnetism is increasingly coming into play alongside alternative methods of health care and preservation. Those who practise it are increasingly basing their art on scientific fundamentals, some of which are in line with the most up-to-date innovation.

Tn the first place, magnetism is a natural phenomenon inherent to life and therefore available to everyone. It is called vital energy, Chi, Pneuma, Prâna, Breath, quantum waves. The body functions thanks to this electromagnetic energy whose Yin and Yang, feminine and masculine, telluric and cosmic polarities bathe the whole Universe and all its manifestations (mineral, vegetal, animal, human, atomic structure...), at different vibratory levels (see the works of Franz Anton Mesmer).

Everything that is formed releases energy and emits waves that act on us as a whole. For example, light, sound, thought, intention, object emit waves. They pass through us and play with our bodies and thoughts, whether we are aware of it or not. We are constantly under the harmonious or disharmonious influence of these energies. In the same way, we are also transmitters of harmonious or disharmonious waves.

Magnetism doesn't just treat the symptoms, it can trace back to the cause. The body being a whole, imbalances can be expressed far from their origin. Pathologies are often the result of an accumulation of different factors. And since the body has an astonishing memory, it keeps track of all our traumas (physical, emotional and psychic), our belief systems, our postures... These manifest themselves in the form of tensions, blockages and energy imbalances. And when all these signals have not been heard, the disease can appear. Magnetism allows us to put the person back in his or her axes and energies, to give back life.

Magnetism acts either like a laser, helping to lift the barriers and restore a harmonious circulation of vital energy to all functions, or like a cocoon that envelops the person to transmit energy where it is lacking. It can be useful both in prevention and cure.

Magnetism, by acting on the cellular memory of the person, allows to achieve a work of balance between body and mind, to enlarge his field of consciousness and to activate his physical, psychic and spiritual healing process.

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At present, medical research is focusing on new ways of treating the disease. The epigenetic approach to health called "Epigenetic Medicine": it would seem that we owe this name to Conrad Waddington (1905-1975), the result of his research on a branch of biology. Aristotle (384-322 BC) already believed in epigenesis (EMBRYOL. The theory according to which the embryo of a living being develops by progressive cell multiplication and differentiation, and not from elements preformed in the egg. – Ds definition of LTRC).

chantalbertonMeeting with Chantal Berton, magnetizer, specialist in energy flows (cellular memory, sound energy).

UP': Is there a bridge between these new healing techniques with epigenetic effects and the ancestral traditional technique known as "Magnetism"?

Chantal Berton In the practice of "Magnetism" as well as in the "epigenetic approach", Intention, thoughts as vibratory waves have, among others, an influence on our ability to heal either physiologically or psychologically. Are we not decoding and codifying what has been used since the dawn of time to accompany the human being in these processes of evolution and healing of body and mind?

UP': Can we make a link with quantum physics as well?

CB Quantum mechanics is concerned with particles, and in this dimension chance and uncertainty reign supreme. See the theory of Richard Feynman his theory is that nature carries the seeds of all history. Life has all the senses and therefore in this quantum universe all possibilities exist in a latent state. Michel BercotThe phenomenon of cohesion is a sign of the effect produced by this magnetic quality of energy, which aims to bring together separate parts into a whole within the same space, to hold them together, enabling them to work together in the service of the same objective". There would be levels of cohesion of extreme power involving levels of physical matter of extreme subtlety. A bit like the collective unconscious, a sort of great matrix reservoir, outside of time and space. 

thegenieinyourgenesDawson Church predicts that the ideas of Epigenetic Medicine will dramatically advance the fields of medicine and psychology in the coming decade.And best of all, "The Genie in Your Genes" demonstrates that by taking control of our consciousness, we can better use it to influence our gene expression. We can even avoid years of therapy, overmedication or invasive surgery by this combination of actions.This can be achieved by continuously stimulating this genetic "engineering" on our own bodies. These approaches can produce both immediate relief from anxiety, as well as neuroses or "miraculous" cures for physical problems and, in particular, autoimmune diseases. Among the whole new generation of books that point the way to a positive future for health," he says. The Genie in Your Genes" presents itself as an exciting book firmly grounded in the future, and the possibilities of a medicine that connects the soul to the body and mind.

UP'. : In spite of its undeniable efficiency, the use of magnetism remains limited to a small number of individuals: why?

CB : Ignorance, the bad press that some magnetists have generated through questionable practices and a lack of ethics have probably thrown suspicion off. This is why, in 1951, a National Grouping for the Organization of Alternative Medicines was created. (GNOMA), making it possible to convince the public authorities of the effectiveness of alternative methods and particularly magnetism. It has adopted a code of ethics and a charter registered at the INPI under the reference 167917-300603, guaranteeing the ethical conduct of each practitioner.

acupunctureIn recent years, we have noticed that a wider public no longer gives its unthinking approval to the mandarins of official medicine. This increasingly aware public is waking up and choosing to take its health capital into its own hands. The soft alternative practices, acupuncture, osteopathy, magnetism, biokinergie, fascia therapy, sophrology, naturopathy, etc..., seem to meet their expectations. People, who opt for practices not yet reimbursed by Social Security, engage in a process that allows them to feel freer. However, financial means can sometimes be an obstacle to a wider public adherence.

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UP'. : What research is being done today to find out the reality of magnetism?

CB : In 1960, Professor Yves Rocard, Member of the Atomic Energy Committee of the CNRS, head of the physics laboratory of the École normale supérieure for twenty-eight years, studied human magnetism. In his book "The Seeker's Signal." he describes the experiences he has had and demonstrates the existence of human magnetism.

I quote him: "The dowsers - If we know a little about mineral magnetism, we can easily imagine," commented Professor Rocard, "that these nerve endings undergo a kind of magnetostriction, a phenomenon that is known but little studied. This magnetostriction would compress a nerve which would then send a motor signal: such seems to us to be the mechanism of biomagnetism". He added: "Experiments have shown us that the hands of "recognized" magnetizers, as well as people with the same sensitivity threshold, produce the same effects as a small magnet. From this we deduce that the organism of these people benefits from a supplement of magnetite, which would also be lodged in the joints of their fingers, unlike the majority of the population".

skirlianIn 1939, a Russian electrician, Semyon Kirlian discovers electrography known as the Kirlian effect, the starting point for photographic processes of aura or magnetic radiation.

In 1974, an Austrian doctor, Reinhold Voll establishes a relationship between electrophotographed radiation and pathology. He also succeeds in highlighting the circuits of the acupuncture meridians.

In 1978, George Hadjo,French photographer designer of special equipment for the visual recording of energies, member of the Inter-University Group for the Study of Biological Fields, during the first symposium on bio-energetics, presents electrophotonics, a fine technique of electrography allowing to see the radiation of a sheet in its entirety when it has been amputated of a part before being photographed: the sheet keeps the memory of its radiation before amputation, it is the phantom effect.

UP'. Any well-balanced person can magnetize: is this true? How? What training?

CB Any balanced or unbalanced person can indeed magnetize. Some people can be born with predispositions, i.e. with a higher than average potential for magnetism. Others have received their gift from a parent, grandparents or others. And there are those who, after a long work of self-awareness combined with energetic techniques, can transmit energy to accompany a healing process.

Becoming a magnetizer is not reserved for the elite. We can all learn to master, accumulate and redistribute magnetism to relieve others, but we cannot and must not improvise ourselves as magnetizers.

To be a good and serious magnetizer, it is indispensable to be humble, centered on the energy of the Heart. How to accompany if the magnetizer is not rooted, neither in his axes, nor in his energies?!

It is imperative that they have ethical conduct and self-sacrifice. There is nothing to seek and nothing to want. The healing process is inherent in the person. It is a matter of listening to him, accompanying him with heart, hands, breath and Intention.

This practice is not a substitute for medical treatment of any kind.

Serious practitioners train in all regions: it is advisable to get information from the GNOMA, associations or sometimes doctors. In all cases, discernment is a great key. It helps to avoid certain traps: the world of well-being is a target for many charlatans and self-proclaimed experts.

magnetismantiqueUP'. How can this technique, which dates back to antiquity, help managers, company directors, in their decisions?

CB When a human being, whoever he is, manager, executive, employee, parent, is in harmony with himself, there is a good chance that he will be able to offer the best of himself to his environment whether he is professional, family, or associative...

In a society that proposes to go faster and faster, to be more and more competitive and efficient, how much time does it set aside to listen to the deep and essential needs of mankind?

How to take time to settle down, listen to yourself, calm down, release your physical and mental tensions, prevent and manage your stress, and learn how to take care of yourself. stress ?

Magnetism is an answer. Through the awareness of deep needs, magnetism makes it possible to clarify what is essential for oneself. It helps to circulate energies that were blocked, to strengthen self-confidence and self-esteem. It restores vitality, joie de vivre and the desire to undertake. It improves concentration, gives keys to prevent and manage stress. It nourishes and transforms in depth, tuning the body to the mind and vice versa. In this way it optimizes the potential of each person, both for his or her own good and for the good of all.

Photo: Reconstruction of an ancient Chinese compass (about 2nd century BC)

UP'. : What advice(s) would you give to cope with our uncertain future?

CB Would magnetism be an aid, a force? Whatever the future holds, it opens the doors to the unknown.

Our society offers us a chaotic vision of the future: unemployment, pollution, cataclysms. Anyone can add to the list. Of course, we have to face many imbalances, planetary, societal, environmental. This is not inevitable. The history of humanity shows that it has gone through many crises and has found the resources to survive and live.

Wouldn't the challenge be to create harmony in itself so that together we can live a happier reality? Magnetism allows us, by listening to our inner music, to re-establish fluidity and liveliness. 

It's up to everyone to do what is necessary to find themselves, to find their way around, and wouldn't that also be innovating for a better life?

Interview by Fabienne Marion


Further information / Bibliography :

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