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Are you embarking on a new adventure by opening a business? It is essential that your store or boutique is visible and that the target audience is aware that they can turn to your business to find what they are looking for. To do this, you will work on advertising.

Working on visual advertising

Announce the opening of your shop or your business by choosing to print a tailor-made advertising canvas or a rigid panel in your company colors. Striking visuals and attractive colours give character to your advertising tarpaulin.

The advertising tarpaulin

Select a cheap but quality advertising canvas to obtain a highly appreciated and particularly effective support to highlight your business. This support is very appreciated to attract a new public. The advertising tarpaulin with eyelets is very easy to hang wherever you want. With the help of cords, you tie them around a post, on a python or on metal barriers. The advertising tarpaulins are resistant to strong wind and are not likely to tear. And to save money or for a one-time event, opt for a recyclable felt that will be printed with the visual you want and take the measurements you need. Advertising tarpaulins are really perfect to catch the eye during a festival, a fair or a sporting event.

The billboard

For a more lasting advertising, make your business discover by selecting a rigid advertising board. It creates a strong impact if you choose a strong visual and large dimensions.

You will also find a variety of different materials with varying degrees of resistance. This gives you the opportunity to choose a less expensive panel if it is intended to remain on display for only a few days. On the other hand, if your company's visual advertising is to remain for a long time, choose a resistant material such as Plexiglas or PVC instead.

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Advertising in the city

Remember to make yourself known in the city where you opened your business! Most municipalities have a website. Contact the Internet service to ask if it is possible to have an insert or publication with the name of your business, its contact details and an explanation of the products for sale or services offered. It is also possible to buy a display on bus shelters or certain strategic locations. It will then be necessary to contact the private company that deals with this advertising.

Be visible on the Internet

A business or service company cannot do without a web presence! Getting known via the Internet has become a must. A striking publication ensures you many shares; prepare it with care!

Enhance your image on social networks

All your future customers and prospects visit social networks with varying degrees of regularity. But it is essential that they can find you there and that you regularly remind them that you are waiting for them! By using social networks, you reach people who are physically close to your business, but also users who live in the rest of France, but also around the world! On Facebook, you have the possibility to create a professional page that will be dedicated to information and images related only to your business. Be precise by offering many details about what you offer, but also how to contact you or to go to your business. Facebook users will like your posts and will make your page appear on their News Feed. They will also be able to share publications related to promotions, good deals or special events organized by your company. Be present without being overwhelming! Work on your publications to generate quality traffic!

Blogs and forums

Start posting on blogs and forums that are relevant to your company! On the Internet, you will find blogs on all subjects, so necessarily one of them must be related to the sale of your products or services. Provide information to these interested parties on a regular basis. You'll have a much higher conversion rate. Exchange with forum participants to let them know about new products and current promotions.

A publication in the written press

We think about it less, but there are still classified ads in the specialized newspapers or in the national press. Ask for an insert to advertise your business. Advertise the opening of your business in the local press and even invite a journalist to do a short article on the opening of your business. Accompany this article with a nice photo that will attract even more attention from prospects. Small local newspapers or big names in the press are equally important.

Launch an advertisement on a television channel or on the radio

Always attract the attention of your audience or prospects by investing in an advertisement on national or local radio according to your budget. You can also ask a local television station to do a one-page advertisement. And if your business is innovative, invite a journalist to do a story to present the new features your business has brought. A dynamic city also requires the installation of new shops. By appearing regularly on the airwaves or on the television channel, your company will make a lasting impression and you will bring in new people as you go along. Don't neglect this advertising, which can bring you a large number of customers.

Highlight your company or business using all types of advertising and the various media at your disposal. Think carefully about your communication campaign by multiplying supports such as advertising canvas, written press or radio to mark your presence! You will not fail to pique the curiosity of your future customers and make word-of-mouth particularly effective.


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