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Where to eat organic, good, local food near you?

Farm sales, artisanal breweries, winegrowers, cheese dairies, organic shop, farm drive, farmhouse inn, producers' shops, amap ... you want to eat good and local near you? You'll find everything in the participatory and general public directory "Pages du Terroir": it lists just over 36,000 addresses in France, region by region; a first!
L’The idea was quite simple," explains Mylène Selb, the founder: "Tired of the current consumer circuits, I wanted to regain control of the quality and origin of my power supply. In the digital age, I therefore naturally turned to the Internet to find existing structures near my home.
Surprised, after much research, I still could not find reliable and/or complete information. Damn! What should we do?... Wait for someone to respond to this need or... do it ourselves?
Helped by a small, motivated team, we rolled up our sleeves and went to see the producers and consumers.
Les Pages du Terroir was assembled by hand (and carried at arm's length! ) and is the result of many hours of work (and incidentally as many white hairs). We have at heart that this new kind of directory, close to us and to our beautiful regions, can be useful for everyone. For us, it has been an exciting adventure. I hope that you will enjoy discovering the site as much as we did! »
The idea was obvious: to provide an accessible, complete, lively and participative regional platform, referencing all direct and short-selling structures, accessible to all and at all times. Free of charge for Internet users but also free of charge for the referencing of sales structures. If the professionals nevertheless wish to detail their information, they have the possibility of accessing an annual subscription offer at a low price.
A complete SEO was a priority for the founders. Internet users are encouraged to participate in the life of their region by proposing missing addresses or by completing information. New data is received every day and is regularly updated. Each entry is carefully detailed: description of the farm or shop, addresses, contact details, emails, websites, products on offer, labels, ancillary activities, map, etc. in order to always keep abreast of regional news.
In the digital age, the site wants to put all the producers' information on direct sales and short circuits in France within reach, and it's a success. Opened in May 2016, in December 2017 the number of visits exceeded one million visits by Internet users and professionals combined.

A unique motivation: Transparency

Organic or not? This method of cultivation practiced or another one? The creators of the site hope to relay the most reliable information possible so that the consumer can be enlightened in his choice. To do this, they count on the cooperation of everyone, web users and professionals, to update existing information, create new information and even share opinions on points of sale! The quality of the information will tend to improve as the public participates, not to mention the work of the team, always on the lookout for good addresses.
It is a real motivation to control the origin and quality of the food that guided the project. Today we are witnessing the beginnings of new sustainable eating habits. We therefore had to respond to this need, and even encourage it. To make information accessible in a simple way, in order to be of service to the greatest number.

A close-knit team

MYLENE, the founder
From an early age, she wanted to "change things". Touching on everything, her career path has led her to launch an associative publishing house to help young authors, to write a children's book and to be one of the first to open an electric bike distribution company in France. As the granddaughter of farmers, she is also setting up a project for an experimental educational farm towards natural agriculture. Passionate, sometimes rebellious, Mylène is the soul of Les Pages du Terroir. Her kindness, her "niak" and her big smile convinced the team unanimously. Her little extra? Taking care of her colleagues and her family.
PHILIPPE, the guardian angel
It was while renting a piece of farmland to create an educational farm that Mylène met Philippe. Starting from nothing, Philippe is today an investor as inspired as he is altruistic. A hairdresser by profession, he sets up his first home hairdressing business at arm's length and will bring together nearly 4,500 employees. Aficionados of the region, he will sell his company on the stock market to invest and renovate inns, hotels and restaurants in privileged environmental settings (Hôtel Les Violettes ****, Ferme des Moines...). Seduced by the Pages du Terroir project, he proposes to take part in the adventure. The team nicknames him "Philippe les Bons Tuyaux" for his advice and ideas that guide the Pages du Terroir into the big league.
CHRISTOPHE, the jack-of-all-trades
Baker, pastry chef and owner of his own restaurant, Christophe is a passionate epicurean. His professional experience has led him to be demanding in the choice of his products. His gourmet and gourmet side naturally led him to the Pages du Terroir. He is in charge of managing the thousands of points of sale referenced on the site. Behind each professional page is a person, a company and a human story that Christophe is passionate about. His little extra? Every morning he brings pastries to his colleagues who have tried in vain to stop him.
JULIE, the Miss Good Plan
Julie's smile and dynamism give the team a real boost on difficult mornings. After spending years working in human resources, Julie left everything to open her own organic wellness massage parlour. Meticulous, she carefully chooses her organic oils to make her own blends. Julie's skills have been invaluable in selecting organic farms in France. She now answers users' questions and hosts the Facebook pages of the 21 Régions du Terroir. A little extra, she always has an event or a good plan on hand.
DAVID, the computer maestro
During the "blah-blah" meetings around the construction of the site, David was not taken aback by all the ideas launched in the general hubbub. Siping his mint diabolo, he calmly observed, watched for the information that hit the nail on the head, synthesized it and calmly brought the solution that would make the difference. A bit of a magician, he is able to take out of his hat pictures, cards, magic tricks to make a colourful site. His little extra? To understand what you want before the interested parties understand it themselves!

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