107" becomes free on the web


On the occasion of the National Youth Day, the School-Business Week and the Global Entrepreneurship Week, free webcast of the "107" from 17 to 24 November 2014.

C’s part of a partnership with the JNDJ (National Youth Day) and the School-Business Week, and the Global Entrepreneurship Week, BILA BILA has set up the "Discover 107" Operation from 17 to 24 November 2014. During this period, the downloading of the "107", worth 14.99€, will be entirely free of charge.

How do I benefit from this operation?

Appointment on the Apple store and Google Play (From 17/11/2014) :
1° - Select and install the BILA BILA App;
2° - Choose the "107", the usual price of 14,99€ becomes Free of charge
3° - Download the "107", let yourself be won over by its positive reading...

The operation is carried out on the occasion of the national release - on November 16, 2014 - of the new digital version of the "107". Exclusively through the APPLI of Bila Bila. The digital version becomes "107" (instead of "Destination 107"). Apart from this operation, the "107" will be downloadable for €14.99 from the Apple Store and Google Play.
BONUS: At the beginning of 2015, people who downloaded the 107 will receive a free supplement, namely a comic book: "BILA BILA 1.le mode d'emploi", + 60 pages.

A reference book

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You've known the " Laurence Pernoud "The essential book for years to know everything about pregnancy and Baby's first days. It has been the expected gift for many mothers-to-be from the very first days of their pregnancy: the pledge, even the secret, of a successful pregnancy !107" is in the same vein, except that the subject is entrepreneurship!
And yes, it's downright scary to be a boss for the first time, you can need reassurance, encouragement! A book to offer or to offer yourself when you're looking for a professional future or when you're just starting to create your own business!

The idea is to tell, through 107 colourful double-pages full of anecdotes, how 107 bosses of French companies have launched themselves and thus make readers want to... to no longer wait 107 years to make their dreams come true!

Dream, dare, realize...

Whether you're a high school student faced with your choice of direction in higher education at the dawn of your first job or already in the world of work, thinking about changing direction, Le 107 is a source of inspiration that doesn't take your head off.

The first idea of the book is to make people want to and to prove by 107 that everything is still possible in France! The second objective of the 107 is to introduce young people to the company and to set the record straight on the bosses... who are still job creators, hard workers and people passionate about their "baby"!

Clementine Joléo has the ambition to help make a positive difference. How? By valuing each other's passion and bringing the reader to the conclusion that it can really be exploited in his or her professional life. Good news: Le 107 proposes to continue the survey of the more than 3,000,000 French companies independently and to do so, makes available to all an edutainment tool to help the youngest discover business and entrepreneurship...

The Bila Bila offers you its layout and explains how to make your own double-page spread... whether you are the director of a small business, the boss of a start-up or simply an eco-teacher in a college or high school, you can easily carry out your survey on the company of your choice... or let your students surprise you by selecting the boxes that make them dream or simply those that are part of their daily life!

L'Atelier du Bila Bila new version will be operational soon thanks to our partnership with Madmagz.com, THE site dedicated to editorial creation, on the dedicated address :

In addition, the Bila Bila Workshop will be an integral part of the EDUCATIONAL OFFERS specially designed for teachers and schoolchildren... to discover on madmagz.com

The Workshop allows young people to discover :
- the company,
- entrepreneurship,
- journalism, investigative work,
- the editorial secretariat (layout, wording, choice of titles, entering text in a tool with a length constraint),
- styling,
- the picture,
- artistic creation around an editorial work...

To fight against disinformation and to favour analyses that decipher the news, join the circle of UP' subscribers.

In short, it's a real treasure hunt to find the right information about the company of his choice, and then try to put it in the shape of the Bila Bila.

What's the point? To discover a SCHOOL MADE work, a variation of the "107" made by a single class or all the 3rd or 2nd years of a college or high school!... a new kind of French Year Book!
From one year to the next, the school will thus be able to keep the works carried out in 2014, 2015, 2016.... Presenting an increasing number of entrepreneurial stories from one year to the next... or a book recording all the internships carried out in companies by the students each year.
The reports of the 3rd and other high school students (in the Pro section for example) could become the opportunity to make a new kind of book, one that can be read with pleasure and kept from one year to another ...

The Bila Bila achieved its objectives on My Major Company: no less than €20,130 was raised during the collection period on the participatory financing site. AXA Mécénat even included the Bila Bila project in its selection of solidarity projects for the month of MAY. They won second place in this competition organized by AXA and pocketed the sum of €8,000!

And you, what will you decide?


4 wheels under 1 umbrella , Aigle Azur, Airship, Albert Cohen and Dove Attia, Aldebaran Robotics, Armor-Lux, l'Astrance, Atelier Ébéniste 75, l'Atelier du sourcil, Bensimon, Bistrot Clovis, BlaBlaCar, BonChic BonChien, Borderline, BRM, Ca- pital Koala, Catherine Feff, Cémoi, Charal, Charles and Alice, Chloé.S, Chocolapps, Club de l'étoile, Paris du boucher, Colombus Consulting, Conservie la belle-iloise, Cordon Bleu, Cuisse de grenouille, DCW, le Diable au corps, Didaxis, Dromadaire, Djeco, Ebulobo, Faguo, Ferret Dream Compagny, Filapi, Fragonard, France Cartes, Franck Provost, Fu- turoscope, Garancia, GAS Bijoux, Gear Network, Glaces Ruiz, Good Goût, Gregory Cuilleron- Epicerie et compagnie, le Grenier à pain, Groupe Henner, Guy Degrenne, Guy Hoquet l'Immobilier, Hapsatou Sy, Hippopotamus, Jardiland, Jardin d'Ulysse, JCDecaux, Kalidéa, La Marque rose, Lafuma, Lazareth, Leblon-Delienne, Leetchi.com, Groupe Lucien Barrière, Mademoiselle P, Max Chaoul, MaxiCours, Michel et Augustin, MoovJee, Musée en Herbe, My Little Day, Malle W Trousseau, Nature & Découvertes, Oliviers & Co, Opinel, Parc Animalier de Pradinas, Parc Astérix, Petit Bateau, les Petits Chanteurs à la croix de bois, Pierre Corthay, Play Bac, Psychologies Magazine, Puy du Fou, Qooq, Repetto, Res- tos du cœur, Rhum Raisin, Rossignol, Sabaton, See Concept, Sentosphere, Séquoïa Pressing, SixSoeurs, Sodexo, So- nalto, Studio Harcourt, Tanya Heath, Téo Jasmin, Eiffel Tower, Ubisoft, Ucar, Unconventional, Ville d'Issy-les-Moulineaux, Vilac, Vulli, Yves Rocher, Zoo parc de Beauval, Zoo de la Palmyre...

Interview of Clémentine Joléo by UP' Magazine 2013

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