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5th Reporters Without Borders Up-and-Coming Reporters Award Ceremony


"To honour journalists who report on concrete, innovative and impactful responses to the challenges of our time": there was enough to spark UP' Magazine's interest and to rush to the Economic, Social and Environmental Council's great mass on Monday 13 October! 

Reporters d'Espoirs, an NGO campaigning for the promotion of news and solutions-oriented content in the media, awarded its 4th eponymous prize to journalists who report on concrete initiatives and solutions in response to the major challenges and issues of our time.

Among its actions is the Reporters of Hope Prize which, since its creation in 2004 at UNESCO, honours journalists who report positive ideas. Throughout the year, the Reporters d'Espoirs team and its volunteers carry out media monitoring work, identifying solutions-oriented subjects submitted to a jury of journalists and media professionals.

"Thinking about their profession and developing a complementary way of dealing with information.It is important to stimulate and convince existing journalists, but it is also important to motivate the next generation. explained Gilles Vanderpooten, director of Reporters d'Espoirs, to our colleagues in La Croix last July. The initiative is based on the observation that "A large part of the angle that journalists take on a story depends on the media, who demand to follow a particular format or editorial line, he adds. 

Journalism in a different way: Stimulation for action

 "I remain convinced that a journalist is not an altar boy and that his role is not to precede processions with his hand in a basket of rose petals. Our job is not to please, nor to harm, it is to carry the pen in the wound. » The famous quote from Albert London was repeated several times during this ceremony. As if to bring back to the forefront the ideal of those who work in the information profession, which remains a reference for many journalists. But perhaps also to apologize - a little? - that some of them - among us - also choose to inform in a different way, in the face of the anxious daily international atmosphere.

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Ten journalists were awarded prizes, whether they work in television, radio, print or Internet. We are therefore pleased to announce the winners of this fifth edition! 

The winners in the six categories  

The jury of this 5th Reporters of Hope Prize, made up of 15 personalities, journalists and media professionals, elected six winners in the categories: written press, TV, radio, web, youth prize and innovation.

-• Radio : Nicolas Soufflet - " Les uns pour les autres " column - France Info.
The column: "They are often volunteers, discreet, and give their time for the good of others. Meet these enthusiasts in the field, in all regions of France. »

-• TV: Chronicle "All actors of change" presented by Sylvia Amicone - LCI.
Thanks to her weekly column "Tous acteurs du changement", broadcast on Friday at 11:20 am and Sunday at 7:50 am on LCI, Sylvia Amicone won the award in the TV category. This column highlights solutions to social and environmental issues and profiles social entrepreneurs whose ambition is to move the world forward. 

-• Web : Webdocumentary " Ma vie à 2 balles " by Sophie Brandstrom - PWP production and broadcast for the first time by Rue89.
The web-documentary: "Difficulties of access to housing and care, precarious employment contracts, young people are suffering the full impact of the economic and social crisis. But the 18-25 year old generation is full of imagination to overcome the obstacles. Find out more about the daily life of Jeoffrey, Jeanne, Julien, Morgan, Noémie and Thibault ".

-• Written press : Report " Detroit in search of renewal " Mishka Assayas for Madame Figaro.
The Report to the discovery of a city with a beating heart, overflowing with energy, and in full
renaissance" resilience and territories.

-• Youth Awards : Presse Orange, a newspaper produced by the students of the 1st year Bachelor of Journalism of theISCPA of Toulouse
The 16-page tabloid-format magazine goes out to meet the people behind initiatives, with an editorial on solution journalism and a dossier presenting projects, initiatives and innovations. Number 1 published in April 2014.

- Innovation : KINDIA 2015, a set of challenges to be taken up by 2015 in association with associations and NGOs with a strong field experience. KINDIA 2015 is also a corporate adventure. CANAL+ is committed to an endowment fund to receive donations from the public and participate in the financing of projects, in equal parts with individual donors.

A Jury of Media Personalities 

To fight against disinformation and to favour analyses that decipher the news, join the circle of UP' subscribers.

Chaired by Michèle Cotta, with Sophie Jovillard (France TV), Isabelle Hennebelle (L'Express), Isabelle Veyrat-Masson (media sociologist), Lucie Montchovi (France Info), Aida Touihri (France 2 "Grand Public"), Martin Weill ( Canal + " Le Petit Journal "), Bernard Pellegrin (AFP) the " Kids " (Bondy Blog and France Inter), Hervé Bertho (Ouest France), Véronique Richard (Celsa) and Antoine Guélaud (TF1).

A trophy on the theme of hope 

Lassaâd Metoui, calligrapher and visual artist has created for this 5th Reporters of Hope Prize a series of 6 original works offered to the winners. With the contribution of Alain Rey, linguist-lexicographer, co-founder of the dictionary Le Robert and co-author of the book Le voyage des mots (Editions Trédaniel, 2014) with Lassaâd Metoui.

Creation of the TMI movement

As part of the awarding of this 5th Prize, Reporters d'Espoirs announced the creation of the TMI International Solutions Journalism Movement. (Transformational Media Initiative) of which he is the co-founder. The IMT, in partnership with the United Nations Foundation, will hold the Transformational Media Summit in Washington from October 26th to November 2nd.

"For the past 10 years, the Association Reporters d'Espoirs has multiplied operations with the media to highlight the men and women who, in France and around the world, take the initiative to lead society into a dynamic of solutions.  We are in friendly territory: since its creation three years ago now, UP' has favoured the promotion of constructive solutions, positive initiatives and innovative alternatives, like a thumb of the nose at the editorial stance of the major media.

Cover illustration: Photo taken in 1967 by the French photographer-reporter ©Marc Riboud during a peace demonstration in the USA

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