Giving Tuesday: valuing and promoting connection and generosity


In contrast to Black Friday on Friday, November 29th, and Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday will be celebrated on December 3rd. A spontaneous movement, 100% free and collaborative, Giving Tuesday allows individuals, organizations, media, companies and associations around the world to meet around a common goal: to value and promote connection and generosity. Objective ? Both to put the spotlight on the generous actions carried out throughout the year by thousands of anonymous people and to encourage acts of generosity on that day.

On December 3, 2019, the second edition of a voluntary "protest" movement against the commercial Black Friday: individuals, employees, associations, foundations and companies will join forces throughout France and the world to highlight their actions and the different forms of generosity, from the most well-known to the most emerging. On the programme for this day: collections, videos and tutorials, free training, solidarity company days, visits and actions, etc. in situThe event will be accompanied by testimonials from committed people, exhibitions in schools, solidarity cafés, crowdfunding for bees, ...
Last year throughout France, 300 projects and 180 players were mobilized in the same spirit of worldwide generosity.

Appearing in the United States in 2012, Giving Tuesday is celebrated in many countries in contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Although it is aimed at everyone, the values of the movement, its spontaneity and its strong digital dimension also strongly affect young people. Over the years, this day has spread to more than 150 countries: A dia para dara among Spanish speakers, Tuesday I give in Quebec, Dia de doar in Brazil, ЩедрыйВторник in Russia, not to mention Kazakhstan, Kenya, Ukraine, India, and many other countries.

The objectives of Giving Tuesday are to increase donations to associations, to show the diversity and creativity of the forms of commitment, at all levels, to participate in this global movement for generosity so that it becomes as powerful and above all more exciting, as the commercial events Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Giving Tuesday is also an opportunity to mobilize around the disabled, against food waste, for education, for nature, for the elderly or the reception of refugees, alliances between actors in a territory to fight against substandard housing, energy insecurity; it also means organising waste collection or protecting the heritage of men and women, of all ages, who give their time in the service of a specific cause, and often for the benefit of several causes, private and public actors committed to research, prevention, health, the digital divide, the return to employment, etc.

It is also an opportunity to discover new economic models that help create jobs around recovery, recycling, short circuits with the involvement of the many volunteers who support cultural, artistic and festive events throughout France, but also media committed to disseminating positive information, online platforms to facilitate crowfunding, pupils, students and teachers who think and act for a better world on the different cultures of generosity, initiatives and committed personalities around the world.

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A viral donation experience in France and around the world

Generosity is a subject that concerns everyone, especially in a context of multiple crises, specifically in France and Europe, and a decrease in public spending. It is part of a broader movement where individuals wish to express themselves and participate concretely in the evolution of society. Today, each individual or group can create a local, national or global community. Everyone can launch collections for a cause that interests them with the digital tools that allow them to multiply networks on wiki-type models. These actions are complementary to the inescapable field mobilizations to convince in situ, and campaigns launched by major associations, foundations and all the actors of generosity in the world.

Giving Tuesday aims to be a new model for spreading ideas and organizing for social, environmental, medical, sports, social causes, etc.

In the United States, more than $1 billion (1) have been collected online since the launch of Giving Tuesday in 2012. In France, Giving Tuesday 2018 has resulted in an increase of 70% (2) of donations collected for associations compared to the same day in 2017 ... without Giving Tuesday!

#GivingTuesdayEng 2018 brought together 180 partners identified 100 assos / 16 companies / 38 foundations / 15 institutions / 3 media / 3 crowdfunding platforms / 6 schools.
More than 43% of the French population is involved in associative action.

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Sébastien Folin, ambassador for Giving Tuesday

Animator, director, producer, author, Sébastien Folin is also President of the Fonds Solidarité Sida Afrique, Honorary President of the Festival Atmosphères, administrator of Moteur! and of the campus L'Envol de La Banque Postale. He is also a member of the CSA's Diversity Observatory, the Club XXIe Siècle and the collective The Freaks.
Sébastien Folin has filmed all over the world and is the author of Vacarme en Haute Mer, a documentary on noise pollution in marine mammals or La Part Verte des Choses (Ed.Florent Massot), an investigation into the reality of the green economy.

Sébastien has agreed to be the ambassador of Giving Tuesday to testify to his commitments. African, Asian and European, having made his mark on Reunion Island, he finds himself in the global dimension of this enthusiastic and creative open source movement which is developing from the United States on every continent, with each country making it its own with its specificities, its culture of giving and its associative culture.

For him, only a society with commitment at all levels will be able to face the challenges we face in the fields of the environment, health, equal opportunities and international solidarity. And this movement is already underway with millions of people involved on a daily and long-term basis, in their private lives, in companies and institutions, most often anonymously.

A great many citizens volunteer at the festivals, getting involved in supporting the most disadvantaged, enabling young people in difficulty to get back on their feet, and forging ties throughout the world. Volunteering, mentoring, sponsoring, events, production, skills sharing, the forms of commitment are as diverse as those who get involved.

The initiators of the event

Due to their international involvement and experience, Yaële Aferiat and Fred Fournier have been designated as Global Leaders for France by the founders of Giving Tuesday. Portraits.

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Yaële Aferiat After completing a degree in economics and marketing, Yaële Aferiat began a career in qualitative market research in the consumer goods sector before quickly turning to the voluntary sector to give more meaning to her work. She took her first steps in fundraising and patronage in Israel where she lived for two years in order to contribute to the Arab-Israeli economic rapprochement. She also contributed to the launch of the Food Bank in Israel. Back in France, Yaële Aferiat spent several months at Care France and then participated in the setting up of European programs for the integration of asylum seekers at France Terre d'Asile. She then became head of fundraising at the Bureau International Catholique de l'Enfance (BICE).

Passionate about fundraising, which brings together both marketing and associative projects, Yaële quickly felt like trying to unite citizens around the subject of fundraising. It was in the Netherlands during the International Fundraising Congress (IFC) that she began her adventure with the Association Française des Fundraisers. Involved in the AFF since the early 2000s as an administrator and convinced of the need to professionalize the sector, Yaële became its director in 2006.

Although it has been developing since 2012 in many countries, Giving Tuesday had not yet arrived in France. Wishing to continue to increase citizen empowerment, Yaële Aferiat has chosen to mobilize her networks on a voluntary basis to provoke a citizen's surge of generosity and help spread this unprecedented movement, in which everyone can participate: "The Giving Tuesday movement is a new way of giving back to the community. Conquered by this worldwide movement, we put all our forces into the #Giving Tuesday to invent a more united world. This movement is completely Open Source, without profit-seeking and open to all. The experiences of #Giving Tuesday in other countries show that this solidarity movement is exciting, creative and innovative. ".

Fred Fournier: A graduate of the University of Montpellier, Frédéric Fournier started his career in a Parisian BtoB marketing agency. He quickly decided to put his skills to good use in the Non Profit sector and joined one of the leading fundraising agencies where he became Managing Director and then Deputy Chairman. From yellow coins to Virades de l'Espoir, from Handicap International to the Nicolas Hulot Foundation (etc.), he has been working for 20 years with the largest French organizations to help them develop their fundraising.

A member of the ePhilanthropy foundation and then of the advisory panel of the International Fundraising Conference, he launched the first eTour in France to promote the use of new media within French charities in 2004. This was the beginning of his international involvement, which led him to provide digital training sessions in India, China, Singapore, Holland, England, Thailand and Malaysia.

Over the years, Fred Fournier has woven a worldwide network with those involved in generosity. It is within this framework that he took the gamble of volunteering to support the launch of Giving Tuesday in France, convinced that new forms of participation - festive, open source, committed, global and digital - could bring together the greatest number of people. In 2018, he was named Global Leader by the founders of the movement.

In 2019, also convinced of the need for a new, more agile, flexible and creative approach, he decided to launch the mind me® agency, the "digital fundraising factory", which now has five employees. mind me® supports organizations in their strategic fundraising thinking and the implementation of campaigns along two lines: donor expectations and digital.

His ambition? In a changing world where citizens wish to express themselves and participate concretely in the evolution of society, he wishes to enable all organisations - NGOs, associations, foundations, institutions, museums, research centres - to have at their disposal the reflexes, means and tools that would enable them to have an almost individual relationship with their supporters and donors.
I am convinced today that the organizations that will succeed will be those that are able to go beyond traditional fundraising - still very much focused on the act of giving - to create meaningful and sincere relationships that value the "human" potential of their supporters. "he says.

* Fred Fournier is co-author of the book "Internet management for non profit" *

Some examples of action on December 3

Showing generosity in schools (France)

The School of Philanthropy is a non-profit association, a partner in the world of education since 2011, supported by the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and the Fondation de France. It offers an educational programme to make children aged 8 to 11 years old aware of the general interest and encourage them to carry out solidarity actions.

On the occasion of Giving Tuesday, the School of Philanthropy invites..:
- children to make cards with messages about the importance of giving that are displayed in schools
- to make all students aware that empathy is a lever for living together and that it is a driving force for contributing to positive change in the world around us. Students will discover that there are many reasons and means to act at their level.

The French Ministry of Education and Youth and the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme de Lille are also mobilising teachers and their students for Giving Tuesday.

Making the buzz to save the bees (France)

1.the first influential bee, decided to use Giving Tuesday to raise awareness of her cause. B., together with her godmother, the Fondation de France, is calling on everyone to make a simple act of generosity: follow your Instagram @Bee_nfluencer account!
The more followers B. has, the more funds it will raise to save bees through the BEEFUND, through paid partnerships with brands around the world.

A visit to the village of La Laupie, restored thanks to the will of a couple of enthusiasts (Rhône-Alpes)

A perched village fortified in the Middle Ages, La Laupie was completely destroyed by bombing during the Second World War. Raised from its ruins by a couple of enthusiasts who created the Association for the Safeguarding of La Laupie, the village was entirely renovated in the style of the time, becoming a site prized by visitors for its charm and calm. Supported by the Fondation du Patrimoine, they are working to renovate the rampart that supports the village's castle chapel.
On the occasion of Giving Tuesday, the association will propose a commented visit of the site.

Free training on skills patronage (France)

KOEO, a social and solidarity-based company, will deploy a free training course to local associations on December 3rd to raise awareness / train them in skills patronage and collect their first needs in its offices in Paris, Bordeaux, Tours and Strasbourg.

Lifting taboos on mental illness (Ile-de-France)

The association Psychodon, which aims to raise awareness on the subject of mental illnesses, is taking part in Giving Tuesday in France, to achieve its main objective: to say stop the taboo on mental illness and people suffering from mental illnesses. The Psychodon therefore joins the Giving Tuesday to launch an appeal for generosity and collect donations for the benefit of people suffering from mental illness.

Worldwide, one person in four is affected by mental disorders, which are the largest item of health insurance expenditure linked to chronic diseases in France, ahead of cancer or cardiovascular diseases.

Getting together for coffee and supporting medical research (France)

Since the beginning of 2013, Columbus Café has chosen to become socially involved with the Laurette Fugain association. The Laurette Fugain association fights against leukemia and the Gift of Life deficiency (

From 2 to 31 December 2019, a cash donation campaign to benefit the association will be deployed in a number of establishments in the Columbus Café & Co. network. During this collection month, each customer paying by credit card will have the opportunity to make a donation by rounding up the amount of his order to the next euro.
The objective is to financially support a major medical research project of the association on acute lymphoblastic leukaemia type B to the tune of €50,000.

 Participate in the common pot for Peasant Solidarity, discover the Petit Monde or the Cravate Solidaire (France)

The Giving Tuesday is also an opportunity to discover the projects or associations supported by the Foundations or companies. The Crédit Coopératif has chosen to support the Solidarités Paysans Sarthe project that supports isolated women farmers.

The APICIL Group will put the spotlight on two associations: Le Petit Monde to support and improve the lives of hospitalised children and their families and La Cravate Solidaire to support and promote access to employment.

Collections and donations for the benefit of solidarity housing, hospitalised children, return to work, pregnant women (etc.)

Faced with the many needs of associations fighting against poor housing and with the group's expertise in housing, the Somfy Corporate Foundation based in Haute-Savoie is committed to providing access to decent housing for all. It provides support to associations in the field through financial and human sponsorship.
On December 3, it chose to thank the employees who gave their time this year by participating in a solidarity day. From 3 December and beyond, the Foundation will launch an in-house toy collection with employees for the benefit of the local Secours Catholique.

The Little Stones is an online platform, supported by several foundations, which mobilizes the power of crowdfunding to initiate a surge of generosity open to all in the field of Habitat, to enhance the action of associations and to federate communities of donors. Beyond the operational management of the platform, the members of Les Petites Pierres also support the projects financially, by matching donations from Internet users.

From December 3 until the end of the month, on Giving Tuesday and as the holiday season approaches, donations made by individuals will be tripled by the platform.

The APICIL Group, France's 4th largest social protection group devotes more than 16 million euros to social action.

On December 3rd, the APICIL Group is organising its first Giving Tuesday to promote the associations, initiatives and foundations it supports, but also to encourage employees to show their solidarity by offering collections of toys, clothing, feminine protection, etc.

AssoConnect is a web platform on which association managers and volunteers can manage the day-to-day life of their association (memberships, donations, accounting, events, emailing, etc.) online and easily.

On the occasion of Giving Tuesday, the team, all members of which are personally involved in the associative world, is organising a large sale to redistribute the objects collected to the resources of their Parisian district.

Islamic Relief organizes a meeting around a snack between vulnerable pregnant women and donors (of money, clothes, hygiene products...).

Committed partners

The association RoseUp accompanies, informs and defends the rights of women affected by cancer. Rose Association was created in 2011 at the initiative of two friends who decided to design and publish a magazine for women suffering from cancer RoseUp -

Imagine is a public-private research and care institute, bringing together researchers, doctors and patients with a common goal: to cure genetic diseases.

The Kerpape Mutualist Centre is a follow-up care and rehabilitation facility (CRF), specializing in functional rehabilitation and physical and rehabilitative medicine (PRM).

Konexio aims to bridge the digital divide through innovation and solidarity.

Outdoors militates for the departure of all children on holiday by financially supporting their departure. http://www.jpa.asso.f is a network of solidarity and inclusive factories that offer free training in digital technical professions in France and abroad.

Reading Writing in Aquitaine supports families in the pre-school and school period and develops actions aimed at improving education in France, particularly reading.

"Schools and Friendship" (EclAt) is a French international solidarity NGO that works to improve the material and sanitary conditions of schooling for disadvantaged children, aged 3 to 12, in West African countries.

Dona Beatriz is a social and solidarity network whose primary vocation is the fight against illiteracy and illiteracy.

With over 50,000 members, 5,000 active volunteers, 400 employees nationwide and a network of local associations active in 83 departments, the company has over a century of commitment, the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) is today the first association for the protection of nature in France.

The Société Protectrice des Animaux (SPA) is the leading animal protection association in France. Created in 1845, it was recognised as being of public utility in 1860.

Habitat and Humanism was created in 1985, in Lyon, by Bernard Devert, a real estate professional who became a priest. Recognized as being of public utility, the association houses several structures to respond to the exclusion and isolation of people in precarious situations, by acting in favour of housing, integration and the re-creation of social links.

The Northern Foundation supports initiatives for the inclusion of the most fragile people through employment, for the autonomy of the elderly and people with disabilities and for the support of the most fragile young people. Under the aegis of the Fondation Agir Contre l'Exclusion, the Fondation du Nord, created in 2018 at the initiative of the Département du Nord, brings together a collective of public and private players, accelerating social innovation.

Founded in 1945, the international NGO CARE is one of the world's largest, apolitical and non-denominational humanitarian aid networks. Its objective: to fight against extreme poverty and defend access to fundamental rights.

Since 1946, the Little Brothers of the Poor combat the isolation and loneliness of the elderly, especially the most deprived. Through its actions, the teams recreate links enabling them to regain a taste for life and to be part of the world around them.

Founded by Coluche in 1985, les Restos du Coeur is an association under the law of 1901, recognized as being of public utility, under the official name of "les Restaurants du Coeur - les Relais du Coeur". 33 years later, the needs of underprivileged people are still there and the 72,000 volunteers of the Restos mobilize all year round to meet them, within the 2,027 centres that make up the association. During the last campaign, 133.5 million balanced meals were distributed by the association to 900,000 people (2018-2019).

Founded in 1871, the Aurore association accommodates, cares for and accompanies more than 41,300 people in precarious or excluded situations towards social and professional integration. Aurore operates mainly in Île-de-France and 7 other regions (New Aquitaine, Occitania, Centre-Val de Loire, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Grand-Est, Hauts-de-France and Pays-de-la-Loire).

Catholic Foundation of Public Utility, Apprentices of Auteuil is committed and acts with the most fragile young people and families. The Foundation has more than 230 establishments in metropolitan France and in the French overseas departments.

The Rehobowth Association Glimmer of Hope is a non-profit association, created in July 2017. Its main objective is to provide assistance to the poor and vulnerable.

(1) Donations on the internet only and based on data provided by the donation platforms in the USA.
(2) Donations on the internet and on the basis of donations made to organisations using the donate iRaiser platform

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