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Ne laissons pas bafouer nos « essentiels »

Ne laissons pas bafouer nos « essentiels »

Éthique, société et politique sont aujourd’hui impliquées comme ce fut rarement le cas face à une crise sanitaire qui impacte la vie démocratique et rend inquiétantes les perspectives futures. Une crise sociale sans précédent pourrait constituer l’autre rebond d’une menace pandémique d’une nouvelle ampleur. Comment l’affronter en responsabilité, en référence


Ces vigiles de notre République qui s’opposent à la barbarie

« Nous sommes confrontés aujourd’hui à des circonstances dont il est délicat de préfigurer leurs conséquences sur la vie publique. » « La crise des légitimités et des autorités dans nos démocraties, la défiance en la parole publique et à l’égard des expertises n’entraveront-elles pas la cohésion de la société ? », … Ces


Le « Jour d’après » – Revitaliser les communs pour sauver la démocratie

Après avoir, dans un volet précédent, défini pourquoi et comment enrichir nos principes constitutionnels fondamentaux [1], il s’agit ici, d’esquisser comment mettre en œuvre cette nouvelle donne qu’est la revitalisation de nombreux « communs » aujourd’hui soumis aux lois des marchés, mais surtout notre démocratie et notre vie citoyenne qui,


Coming out of confinement: will we give up democratic mobilisation?

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister will present the framework for the government's plan to break out of containment. It would be neither understandable nor acceptable that the field expertise gained from the Covid-19 test should not be considered an indispensable resource in the argumentation of post-containment policy decisions. No tangible signs, beyond


Disobey me?!

Disobey me?! Regards croisés sur la désobéissance civile en démocratie, face à l'urgence écologique - Ouvrage collectif sous la direction de Bernard Lemoult et Marine Jaffrézic - Edition du Collège des Transitions Sociétales c/o IMT Atlantique, 12 février 2020 - 289 Pages Dominique Bourg, Sandrine Roudaut, Guillaune Durin, Extinction Rebellion,

global commerce

Do international trade agreements threaten our democratic choices?


The European Union is increasing the number of bilateral free trade agreements, in all opacity. This is the analysis and point of view of the foodwatch association, which defends the rights of consumer citizens to greater transparency in the food sector and access to healthy food. A few days before the European elections, the organisation

house of cards

Society dislocated and widespread above ground

In a period of infobesity, everything is on the same level: news overwrites previous information in a few minutes. The scrolling of the data participates in the permanent zapping. One craze follows another like so many straw fires, without necessarily many long-term commitments. This turmoil contributes to the dislocation of institutions.

Great Debate

Will big talk kill democracy?

For the past three months, France seems to have been bewitched by the Yellow Vests movement. At first, the demonstrations, the occupation of roundabouts, the emergence of new figures, attracted the sympathy of a majority of our fellow citizens. But as time went by, the movement shrank like a skin of sorrow, leaving only a few of our fellow citizens with a sense of belonging.

major national debate

Great National Debate: Regaining a taste for democratic sharing

A teacher-researcher at Sciences Po, Pascal Perrineau has been named one of the five guarantors of the great national debate, alongside Nadia Bellaoui, Guy Canivet, Isabelle Falque-Pierrotin and Jean-Paul Bailly. Appointed by the government and the presidents of the EESC, the National Assembly and the Senate, the five "guarantors" will be required to


"Federating Territories": re-establishing dialogue and reinvesting citizens in the construction of their territory

Crisis of confidence between citizens and their representatives, difficulties for the latter to carry out their public service missions, mistrust in the face of programmes that do not or no longer correspond to collective aspirations, nor to the realities on the ground, ... The list is long for the widening gap.

policy dialogue

Political dialogue: methods must be renewed

Whether or not he obtains a parliamentary majority, Emmanuel Macron will have to show that politics can be done differently; that it is possible to organize real citizen debates for each change that engages the future. The time for deliberative democracy has come. Let us not sulk at our pleasure. In my previous letter




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