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Miguel Benasayag

Thinking and acting in times of pandemic. Miguel Benasayag

Today we are witnessing a historic and unprecedented event: for the first time, the whole of humanity is producing a picture of the threat. What is at stake is the emergence of a shared experience of the fragility of ecological systems that have hitherto been denied and overwhelmed by economic interests. The coronavirus


Paying attention to the territories

::: 11/03 – La Chaire de Philosophie à l’Hôpital organise, dans le cadre de son séminaire « Design with care – 2019-2020 », une rencontre avec le géographe Michel Lussault le mercredi 11 mars 2020, sur le thème « Porter attention aux territoires ». Les éthiques du Care (Winnicott, Gilligan,


Yellow vests: puzzle-like scattered thinking

What do thinkers think of this singularly eruptive symptom of changing times? Faced with an unprecedented crisis that expresses all the facets of anger, rage and violence, whose new faces, spontaneously appeared in the media, move the French because they talk about their distress.

Philosopher Macron

Macron, philosopher of egalitarian liberalism?

Loin d’être un amas d’idées de droite et de gauche, le programme de Macron relève d’un courant de pensée cohérent connu sous le nom de « libéralisme égalitaire ». On oublie souvent qu’Emmanuel Macron a été philosophe avant d’être fonctionnaire d’État, banquier et ministre. Son travail d’édition philosophique lui a valu, il

Mark Hunyadi

Understanding the world is already transforming it.

The world to come will be populated by robots, we will intervene on our genes, we will artificially manufacture living things, we will live in societies that will ask us to obey decisions formulated by algorithms that we will not understand. Every day, new techniques, scientific advances, facts and figures of life will be revealed.

Corine Pelluchon

Meeting with Corine Pelluchon, the food philosopher

Corine Pelluchon belongs to this new generation of philosophers who see their thinking in action. Voluntarily subversive, she fights to integrate ecology and the consideration of the animal condition in a new social contract. She is a philosopher of existence who is working, without complex, to re-found the old "animal" and the new "animal".

Etienne Klein

Etienne Klein: How to advance the idea of progress

The idea of progress is doubly consoling. First, it is a consoling idea because, by underpinning the hope of a future improvement in our living conditions, by making a desirable utopia glimmer far down the timeline, it makes history humanly bearable. It is also consoling in that it gives a

Amazon Achuars

Is it still necessary to talk about nature?

Tant que l’on s’en tient aux équilibres de la nature, on perpétue les dualismes de la modernité (qui opposent l’homme et la nature, l’artificiel et le naturel, la culture et la nature) en se contentant d’en inverser les signes : au lieu de louer en l’homme le conquérant de la nature,

What do thinkers think?

After the attacks of 13-November, what do thinkers think?

Since that unfortunate Friday 13 November, French society has found itself, brutally, in an episode in its history that will undoubtedly mark a profound change. We are living through a mutation that troubles and questions us. How can we understand it? France can be proud of its intellectuals; many of them have been


Ecospirituality or how nature becomes a subject

On assiste depuis les années 1980 à une spiritualisation croissante de l’écologie. De nombreuses voix s’élèvent pour dépasser le dualisme nature/culture, l’idée d’une nature-objet-ressource et le paradigme dominant de l’anthropocentrisme ; il s’agit de reconnaître une valeur intrinsèque, et donc des droits, à la nature, qui devient désormais sujet. En

funny times

Parents' wishes, wishes for a child

Paule Pérez is a philosopher and psychoanalyst; she brings here her point of view on current events and information processing. It is true that "news" is not always news. Repetitions, repressions, reversals, formations of the Unconscious, unexpected transmissions, denials abound, as well as distortions, deafness, blindness or


Nothing's wrong with the Yahoos anymore!

Rien ne va plus chez les Yahoos. Où en est le rapport psychanalyse et société ? Depuis trente ans, c’est-à-dire depuis qu’on a pu prendre la mesure des effets du premier choc pétrolier et anticiper ceux de la mondialisation, on parle des « nécessités d’adapter les formes d’organisation et les modes


But what progress do we want?

The industrial world is on trial. Farm of a Thousand Cows, rejected by hundreds of activists, some of whom are appearing today for having dismantled the milking parlour. Sivens Dam, whose opponents are in mourning after the death of one of them, Rémi Fraisse, victim of clashes with the police,




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