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house of cards

Society dislocated and widespread above ground

In a period of infobesity, everything is on the same level: news overwrites previous information in a few minutes. The scrolling of the data participates in the permanent zapping. One craze follows another like so many straw fires, without necessarily many long-term commitments. This turmoil contributes to the dislocation of institutions.

improvement of the human l'human

Improving the human being is not without risks for society.

An international team is looking at new technologies that improve human physical and cognitive skills, their development and their distribution in society. The possibilities are dizzying, but they raise many questions about the very essence of human beings, about what is useful for their development, about what is useful for their well-being and about what is not.

yellow jackets

Resistance to change

The complex phenomenon of rebellion in France or how to get out of individual and collective blockages It is highly likely that the "Yellow Vests" are the spark that could ignite the powder keg, the expression of multiple social bills. The questions that arise are: why now? Why so many


Yellow vests: puzzle-like scattered thinking

What do thinkers think of this singularly eruptive symptom of changing times? Faced with an unprecedented crisis that expresses all the facets of anger, rage and violence, whose new faces, spontaneously appeared in the media, move the French because they talk about their distress.

Universal Income

Amartya Sen and the Income Base

Amartya Sen, the Indian economist and philosopher Amartya Sen, sometimes referred to as the "Nobel of the poor" [1], is today one of the most influential intellectuals in the world. His writings are recognized for their major contribution to the analysis of inequalities and reflections on justice. Deeply affected by the famine in Bengal

May '68

May 68 or the irruption of modernity in society. Cohn-Bendit-Geismar Debate

More than two centuries later, the passions relating to 1789 are far from being extinguished: one need only mention the name Robespierre to immediately reappear in debates that could indeed be considered closed. Contrary to what the historian François Furet said (his formula "the Revolution is over" appears for the first time in the history of the French Revolution), Robespierre's passion for 1789 is far from being extinguished.


Obsolescence or "A Manifestation of Purpose"

The fruit of a philosophical primer, to think "the crisis" by the O and briefly make it dialogue with the socio-economic crises of the capitalist world (cycle, structuring and conjuncture), the author ventures on the track of a mechanical word: obsolescence, which refers to the technical environment of man and qualifies it. After

Territories with zero unemployment

"Zero Unemployment Territories": the initiative that wants to use people's desires to create their jobs.


An unemployment rate that is stagnating at over 10%, with 2.5 million long-term unemployed. Faced with the ineffectiveness of policies, the ATD Fourth World association proposes another way: to really start from the skills of job seekers, to create activities of general interest, and not lists of

policy analysis

One world is falling apart, the new one's ready...

Voilà plusieurs dizaines d’années que différents intellectuels se succèdent pour annoncer la fin d’un paradigme et l’émergence d’un nouveau. Dans tous les domaines les repères du passé se fracassent sur les crises de sens. Individuellement et collectivement, chacun sent que les valeurs et les fondements de l’ancien paradigme s’effritent et


Nothing's wrong with the Yahoos anymore!

Rien ne va plus chez les Yahoos. Où en est le rapport psychanalyse et société ? Depuis trente ans, c’est-à-dire depuis qu’on a pu prendre la mesure des effets du premier choc pétrolier et anticiper ceux de la mondialisation, on parle des « nécessités d’adapter les formes d’organisation et les modes


War or peace, eternal debate, impossible evolution?

Recrudescence des violences, des guerres et des conflits, phénomène récurrent ou signe du temps ? Au-delà des batailles de territoires et des enjeux économiques et politiques, les guerres réelles et potentielles viennent-elles raviver notre résilience ? Le feu aux poudres La guerre fait à nouveau rage en Israël, un avion


Ethics and international relations: enemy sisters?

C’est bien connu. Morale et relations internationales ne font pas bon ménage. Elles relèveraient de deux logiques radicalement différentes : construction d’une vie juste pour l’une, recherche de la survie pour les autres. Une telle représentation ne résiste pas à l’analyse. Tout d’abord, la plupart des internationalistes ne rejettent plus




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