André-Benoït de Jaegere and Xavier Hochet - Edition Odile Jacob 2010 - 344 p. Managing a company means knowing how to transform it in order to be one step ahead. It means deciding not to suffer when the world is moving in depth. What are the decisive changes then?


Management of collective intelligence

Towards a new governance Olivier Zara - Edition M21 Edition - 2008 - 236 p. You will find in this book : the stakes of collective intelligence management in terms of sustainable development a practical guide for collective intelligence managers (tools, diagnostic methods, etc.) a guide for managers and executives, and a guide to the use of collective intelligence in the context of sustainable development.


Deciding in Uncertainty

Vincent Desportes Edition Economica 2007 - 219 p. The lessons of the most recent military operations are indisputable: the deployment of the 21st century's most advanced technology does not allow operational leaders to be fully informed, to act with certainty, or to avoid disorder and the unexpected.


Gutenberg 2.0

The Future of the Book Lorenzo Soccavo - Edition M21 Edition 2007 - 165 p. The book is an object that has never ceased to evolve over the millennia. During this first decade of the 21st century, it will undergo a revolution, comparable to that of the printing press (15th century). After a


Making the future 2

L'imaginaire au service de l'innovation Eric Seulliet, Pierre Musso, Laurent Ponthou - Edition Village Mondial 2007 - 307 p. How to invent new products and services that consumers will adopt sustainably? The traditional conception of innovation, mainly based on technological developments, has shown its limits. Faced with this observation,


Miguel Chevalier

Pierre Restany, Laurence Bertrand-Dorléac, Patrick Imbard - Flammarion 2000 "The computer tool is a fabulous dictionary of shapes and colours that explodes the image, modifies and regenerates it. Its possibilities are unlimited and in perpetual transformation. "From the beginning