The French nuggets of the digital economy that compete with the "big boys" of the sector

Deezer, Dailymotion, Viadeo, Criteo: our few international champions should not overshadow France's 20th place in the digital economy. Contrary to popular belief, France has some very fine global successes in the digital economy. Deezer, Dailymotiom, Viadeo, Criteo, there is no shortage of examples. In just a few years, these


Is it possible to encourage Innovation and Growth Companies while penalising their entrepreneurs?

The French entrepreneurial defence movement "Les Pigeons", together with several bloggers and Twitter users of liberal persuasion, has decided to express its displeasure with the finance bill and the reforms it contains. This morning on France Inter, Pierre Moscovici, Minister of the Economy and Finance, said that he was "very disappointed" with the bill.


Predicting innovation?

By analysing a significant number of patents, it might be possible to determine what explains the success of a technology and use the system to give an opinion on a new trend. Problem to which a team of researchers has come up with an answer. Is it possible to predict by computer the technological trends that will have an impact on the future?

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