The Econocom group creates an R&D program dedicated to intelligent solutions

Econocom is continuing its research into the development of Intelligent Solutions (Internet of Things) by creating a dedicated European R&D program in partnership with the ISMB (Istituto Superiore Mario Boella) Research Institute. The Internet of Things, or the connection of intelligent objects, is defined, among other things, as a network of networks that


TTm Rossi's Wire Cloth

TTm Rossi is an Italian company and since 1959 it has been the leading manufacturer and supplier of standard and customised metal mesh and mats used in various fields of activity: filters for industry, mosquito nets, furniture, facades, parapets,... Their collection is incredibly innovative. Read More


Google Auto Car Review

Google automatic car: almost 500,000 km without accident! Google has drawn up a progress report on its automatic car project. After having made the system more reliable, the next objective will be to get a little closer to real traffic conditions, taking into account the unforeseen events of


Bill Gates' Bathroom of the Future

"Bill Gates continues his conquest of the world with the toilets of the future" headlines by taking up the bigbrowser blog article. After having conquered the world with his Windows operating system and made the computer an object of everyday consumption, Bill Gates has a new challenge: to democratize hygiene. The co-founder of


A marathon runner on the roads, connected and geolocalised thanks to a spin-off from Mines ParisTech

The ultra marathoner Philippe Fuchs is back on the roads... in a strip, connected and geolocalised thanks to a spin off from MINES ParisTech! After a Paris-Athens race in 2003, then the Paris-Peking exploit in 2007, on the occasion of the Olympic Games, the ultra-marathoner and MINES ParisTech teacher-researcher Philippe Fuchs, is once again on the road, connected and geolocalised thanks to a spin off from MINES ParisTech!


A very smart robot palm tree

Straight from the imagination of its brilliant designer, Gianni Vianello-Vinci, here is PalmShower, the shower palm controlled by smartphone! The eclecticism of Gianni Vianello-Vinci's design characterizes his entire professional career with a positioning that has allowed him to work in very diverse fields marked by international success. For him, every mission is considered


Signposts connected to Twitter

Electronic "weather vanes" display geolocated tweets in the city centre. And as part of the Festival Futur en Seine, the Lyon-based agency Biin (Bureau d'idées nouvelles) will be exhibiting this igirouette project from 14 to 17 June 2012 at the CENTQUATRE in Paris. The Girouette project, developed by Vincent Autin and supported by ERASME, had