predictive science

Predictive sciences for the industry of the future: MINES ParisTech at the cutting edge

The MINES ParisTech engineering school aims to increase its leadership in the field of predictive sciences for the Industry of the future, by mobilizing all its skills in a research, development and training offer that takes advantage of the convergence of intensive computing resources, numerical simulation tools and algorithms for the processing of

self-motorized pill

Motorized pills as vaccines

Is this the end of the shots to make vaccines? They have traumatized dozens of generations of children and will probably soon be discarded. To replace them, scientists, who are never short of imagination, have invented a self-motorized pill that swallows itself in the simplest way possible and will

health avatar

Health and digital at the crossroads of worlds: What if a virtual avatar could heal oneself?

 At a time when digital technology is shaking up the world of healthcare, researchers, engineers and companies are working together in Nantes on joint projects to design concrete solutions resulting from digital developments. One of their projects, a thought-driven avatar, is creating real opportunities to improve the quality of life for patients.

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