IFA Berlin: Five innovations to remember

The IFA trade fair for technological innovations in Berlin closed today with many surprises, especially in the mobile phone and connected devices sector. Ultra-connected homes The main concerns: controlling energy consumption, shopping from the fridge, cooking, etc. The IFA is the world's leading trade fair for the mobile telephony sector.

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Call for projects in the framework "When collective ingenuity changes the world".

The Atelier BNP Paribas and Universcience, in collaboration with the Women's Forum for the Economy & Society, are launching a call for WAVE for WOMEN projects As part of the WAVE exhibition, "When collective ingenuity changes the world", the Atelier BNP Paribas and Universcience are launching a call for WAVE for WOMEN projects. L'Atelier BNP Paribas invites women who are the bearers of a project that can change the world, to


Call for student projects - "Transhumanism facing the social question" - fiXience

The fiXience association is offering students a creativity competition: come and present your projects on the theme "Transhumanism and the social question" on Saturday 22 November 2014. fiXience, AFT and the Espace des Sciences Pierre-Gilles de Gennes de Gennes, in partnership with the French Association of Transhumanists (AFT), will be holding the first conference dedicated to transhumanism in France, on the occasion of TransVision 2014, which will be held on Saturday 22 November 2014.


FutuRIS 2013 Conference: summary

On the occasion of the publication of the book "FutuRIS 2013 - La Recherche et l'Innovation en France" (FutuRIS 2013 - Research and Innovation in France) published by Odile Jacob, the National Association for Research and Technology organised a half-day conference in Paris on Thursday 19 December 2013 to provide food for thought on the subject of


A revolutionary method for bonding gels and biological tissues

Researchers have just discovered an effective and easy-to-use method for bonding biological gels and tissues. A team led by Ludwik Leibler (1), including researchers from the Soft Matter and Chemistry Laboratory (CNRS/ESPCI ParisTech) and the Physical Chemistry of Polymers and Dispersed Media Laboratory (CNRS/ESPCI ParisTech), has just discovered an effective and easy-to-use method for bonding gels and biological tissues.


Three French SMEs win awards at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas

Three French SMEs, Netatmo, Sen.se and Medissimo, will be awarded for their innovative products at CES in Las Vegas from 7 to 10 January 2014, the world's leading consumer electronics trade show, which offers unparalleled visibility. "Three French people have already been distinguished last year at the CES and it is important to note that the awards will be presented to the best French companies.

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