Ready-to-wear innovation

Intelligent fabrics are no longer a scoop today, but clothes that analyse, advise, coach or simply change appearance according to the light, we are in the midst of a transformation in ready-to-wear. Engineers and designers are vying with each other in ingenuity to make our daily lives easier for years to come.


Should we be afraid of drones?

"No one knows you're a drone" is this week's reading! This is an article published in The New Inquiry, written by Trevor Timm (@trevortimm, @drones) and Parker Higgins (@xor), activists at the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the American association that defends the rights of people who are not drones.


Future in this area

Within the framework of the events proposed at the CENTQUATRE, matériO offered us a panorama of innovations in materials and technologies that sweeps across the different themes of the digital festival. Health, home, city, arts... what kind of future material are we heading towards? Here is a small selection


Surgery live on Twitter

Surgery is not spared by the Twitter mania. The medical team at the Hermann Memorial Hospital in Houston, Texas, offered the possibility of following a surgical operation live via the micro-blogging site Twitter. Last Wednesday, the @houstonhospital account accessible on the social network Twitter made it possible to follow


Towards man-machine fusion

From Minitel to mobile Internet, technology has revolutionized our modes of communication in just a few decades. A development that tends to make the boundary between the real world and the virtual world disappear. Futurologist Joël de Rosnay deciphers the stakes of the inescapable fusion between man and machine. Telex, Minitel, modem...

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