Aux frontières de l’humain

L’Homme est-il un être singulier et supérieur ? Qu’est-ce qui définit l’être humain ? Faut-il accorder à l’animal une personnalité juridique ? Peut-on encore parler de frontières entre l’Homme et l’animal ? Explorer nos limites, interroger notre devenir en tant qu’humain et plus globalement envisager celui de la planète, tel

improvement of the human l'human

Improving the human being is not without risks for society.

An international team is looking at new technologies that improve human physical and cognitive skills, their development and their distribution in society. The possibilities are dizzying, but they raise many questions about the very essence of human beings, about what is useful for their development, about what is useful for their well-being and about what is not.

grown man

Becoming a human robot

The intelligence behind artificial "intelligence" (AI) is suspect. Admittedly, we are less and less doubtful of its remarkable technical capabilities. On the other hand, we increasingly doubt its... intelligence. For example, we hesitate to speak of genuine intelligence - in the strongest sense of the word - even though


Immortality and youthfulness regained? Researchers are unlocking the secret of the internal clock that makes us grow old.

American scientists claim to be on the verge of reversing the aging mechanism. They have just revealed a crucial stage in the catalytic cycle of an enzyme, telomerase. Telomerase holds the key to delaying or even reversing the cellular aging process. The understanding of this mechanism has remained until today


This fascinating world of synesthesia

The music lives in colour, it seems obvious to you. The velvet you caress with your hand tastes like chocolate. You count by following the rainbow of numbers in your mind, just as the letters of the alphabet have never been written simply in black on a black background.


Immortality - Last Frontier

Eternal life is mankind's oldest dream. A dream that could come true. Today, in the West, the quest for immortality has moved from a metaphysical question to technical and scientific considerations. In this film, the investigation focuses on the progress of laboratory research around the world.

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