Traçabilité et transparence : les piliers de la confiance avec les consommateurs

La confiance, croire en ce que l’on connaît ou reconnaît, ne serait-ce pas le point de départ du lien entre les consommateurs et les entreprises, entre les citoyens et les institutions, pour bâtir un futur commun ? Cette tribune collective explique pourquoi la traçabilité et la transparence doivent être des piliers

circular economy

Envie launches "Green Friday", an alternative to Black Friday for 3 days of responsible consumption.

Have you heard of Black Friday, the commercial operation that has been following Thanksgiving in the United States for ages, encouraging millions of Americans to buy at attractive prices? A commercial phenomenon aimed at consumption ... Here is now the "Green Friday"! An operation to raise awareness of alternatives to consumption

smart business

Smart business makes its comeback

Intelligent shopping is currently taking shape in Paris at the Paris Retail Week trade show: How are shops being renewed to satisfy all the desires of increasingly demanding customers? How to make shopping more human? Or how to turn salespeople into real ambassadors (renewal

artificial intelligence

Man-machine relations in the crosshairs...

The disruptive potential of Artificial Intelligences directly questions all economic actors in their diversity, be it banking, insurance, trade, tourism, etc.. The creation of an Observatory of the French people's relationship with Artificial Intelligence by the Observatoire Société et Consommation (ObSoCo) is intended to explore the structuring trends of artificial intelligence.

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