A new Guide to Responsible Tourism

In a few years, we won't be traveling like we do today. Faced with current ecological and social challenges (global warming, increasing waste in the oceans, the need for more social justice and solidarity between peoples, mass tourism, the need for authenticity ...), if we want to preserve our planet, we must act.

big data and travel

Tourism: big data at the service of travellers

For the past four years, EURECOM researchers and French startup Data-Moove have been working to radically improve the tourism experience in the territories. Based on technological innovations from the labs, they have succeeded in aggregating information from the web and social networks to offer an ultra-local and exhaustive vision of what an area can offer.

Desirable futures

The Lab Session for a journey into the next world

An intellectual exploration to better identify and project oneself into the world of tomorrow, the IFs (Institute for Desirable Futures) Lab Sessions is launching two new caravels of travellers who will set off towards the terra incognita of the Future, in the image of the great explorations of yesteryear. Two promotions of travellers, lab#12 and


World population is growing faster than we thought.

It's getting a little crowded around here. For years, experts have been telling us that the human population is growing at an alarming rate. But they may be underestimating the reality. Indeed, according to a recently released report by the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), the pace is accelerating and the population

ISS for sale

For sale: international space station

If you've always dreamed of a sweet home with character and wide open spaces, now is the time to prepare your checkbook. NASA has officially announced the sale of the International Space Station (ISS). Breathtaking view of the Earth! At a press conference held on the 18th


A little shot of holiday perfume?

Proust had his madeleine to remember the beautiful moments of his childhood, Londoners now have their holiday memories in a bottle. It is on the platforms of Slough station that you can find these holiday scent dispensers. You can choose from freshly cut grass, tanning cream, scents of the sea, or a combination of both.


An atomic bomb to make Mars habitable

The madness of the human race knows no bounds. After having polluted our good old Earth to the point of compromising humanity's prospects of survival, we are now seeking to conquer other planets to make them habitable. And if they're not, we simply have to force

hotel henn-na Japan

Henn-na Hotel: when robots greet human tourists

We already knew in China the restaurants of robot savers, the bars with robot bartenders, and the Pengheng Space Capsules hotel inspired by the universe of Space, providing its customers with a fully robotized staff. Here is Japan's turn to open a 72-room hotel almost entirely managed by robots.

journeys of the future

The future of travel in 2024

While waiting for NASA to think about sending men to Mars on a trip, by plunging the astronauts into a "therapeutic torpor" to allow them to make this six-month trip in peace, a Skyscanner report reveals the destinations in vogue in 2024: space tourism, hotels, etc.


Trampolinn: make the world your home!

This is Trampolinn, nicknamed "the carpool of housing". It is a platform of bed and breakfast rooms to travel in a more authentic way by staying with local hosts. Ideal for summer holidays but also for all types of stays. It s'is a community of rooms at l'inhabitant that


Welcome City Lab: to your applications for 2015!

The "Welcome City Lab" incubator dedicated to innovation in tourism launches its 2015 call for applications. After the success of the first two calls for projects which led to the selection of the 30 startups of its 2014 promotion, the Welcome City Lab, the incubator dedicated to innovation in the tourism sector, has launched its 2015 call for applications.