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Smart business makes its comeback

Intelligent shopping is currently taking shape in Paris at the Paris Retail Week trade show: How are shops being renewed to satisfy all the desires of increasingly demanding customers? How to make shopping more human? Or how to make salespeople real ambassadors (renewal of their profession)? Profound changes are underway: supermarkets without cash registers, robots to help shoppers, augmented or virtual reality, facial recognition... Here is a selection of innovations that are changing our daily lives that you can test and discover this week on the Paris Retail Week until September 21st.
Dn a 2011 report, IBM asserts that "the customer is the starting point. But these customers are empowered by technology, transparency and abundant information. They use physical, digital and mobile means for their purchases. They want a consistent experience across all channels. They compare offers, prices, ... And they can praise a brand or smear a reputation with a single click. Nowhere is the change more visible than in the retail environment, where companies are trying to adapt quickly to this new reality and use analytics to better understand these shopping inconstants.
Keeping pace with today's customers will require more than an ad campaign or a Facebook page. It will take smarter commerce. It puts the customer at the centre of everything we do, analyzing operational data and vital customer information - from multi-channel buying behaviours to social media content - and creating business processes that help companies buy, market, sell and service their products accordingly. It enables the entire value chain to anticipate rather than react to customer needs. In addition, it identifies and addresses unsustainable inefficiencies in our global trading systems. It is a system that transforms real-time analysis into action for customers. It's a new way of doing business.
Many events did not go wrong: the Conext which will take place in Lille on October 17, 18 and 19 is intended to be a real window on the technologies that will make tomorrow's retailing: Smart Retail, Smart Data and Consumer Intelligence, ... But also the show will be an opportunity to discover new technologies that will make the retailing of tomorrow. Paris Retail Week that opened its doors today. Here's a quick look at some of the innovations.

Facial recognition of the customer for a personalized offer

Crown Heights offers a facial recognition solution. It allows the collection of precise information about visitors, such as their age, gender and emotion of the moment, depending on the person facing the screen.
The objective: to disseminate ultra-targeted communication adapted to each of the targets, thanks to an in-depth knowledge of the clientele. It is also possible to adapt the content so that customers send each other the information viewed by email.

The supermarket without a checkout

SNAPP'. has developed the "monop'easy" mobile application to make shopping in stores easier. Thanks to this application, Monoprix customers have been able, since this summer, to do their shopping without going through the time-consuming checkout process. No more queuing, the solution allows customers to scan the barcodes of products on the shelves with their phone and then pay in one click. The customer will have previously created an account by filling in their banking information.

Augmented / virtual reality: new deal for stores?

The Keyveo start-up will offer two immersive experiences:
- Virtual tour with an HTC VIVE headset: Teleport yourself and move physically in a shop thanks to virtual reality. You will be able to do your shopping, choose a product and display its price and additional information. It is now possible in small areas to virtually present an entire store, whatever its size.
- Objects and products in mixed reality with Hololens. These glasses developed by Microsoft allow you to project and visualize a sofa in your living room for example, to see how it will be integrated into the general decoration. 
Together proposes a playful use of 3D to capture the attention of passers-by in shopping streets. The Hypervsn system allows 3D videos to be broadcast at points of sale or in passageways thanks to a beam of light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This completely innovative and unique system is the ideal tool to promote a powerful pole of attraction for customers thanks to the 3D hologram effect. This product is aimed at all types of retailers, large and small shops, fairs, museums, stadiums, concerts, ...
French start-up SmartPixels proposes to transform any object into a screen. This technology is based on a combination of augmented reality and projection-mapping, so every object can be transformed into a tool for communication and interaction. 

The PokemonGO-type game to attract customers

After the success of Pokémon Go in the summer of 2016, several start-ups are surfing the gaming wave to offer fun shopping.
Zeez works like Pokémon Go and turns the street into a playground for brands. The application offers its users (the target is between 12 and 25 years old) to take up challenges offered by their favourite brands, ultimately intended to bring them to a point of sale.
Dilit also started from the idea of Pokémon Go to offer e-coupons. The Dilt community doesn't catch Pokémon via their smartphone, but rather get great deals and discounts at partner merchants.

When data makes shopping easier

Angus.Ai offers solutions based on smart cameras to analyse the behaviour of visitors on the shelves and allow stores to directly identify improvements to be made. Sales staff have real-time access to the data.
Wassa, for its part, offers a new tracking and analysis solution to identify typical behaviours in the point of sale. This solution operates on the basis of self-learning algorithms (machine-learning) and is intended for shopping centres and retail players.
When it comes to security, RemAuth offers a password-free authentication infrastructure to improve the security of connected services through biometric (fingerprint) recognition. RemAuth eliminates the main vulnerability of connected services. According to Verizon, passwords are responsible for 63% of proven data breaches.

Transform the seller into a personal advisor thanks to the omnichannel

Cegid enables in-store salespeople to adopt a personalised approach to customer relations and fully assume their role as brand ambassadors and coaches. Thanks to an application, in real time, the salesperson can finalize a sale on the web, sell in-store, order an item that is out of stock in store with a choice of delivery, view offline/online customer paths (history, current orders, preferences, etc.).
3rd edition of the Paris Retail Week exhibition from Tuesday 19 to Thursday 21 September 2017 at Pavillon 7.3 of Paris expo Porte de Versailles


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