The ethics of conflict and impurity

Faced with the proliferation of technological innovations, the wide dissemination of the concept of responsible innovation is certainly a step forward since it introduces a form of social regulation. However, it is being held back in two ways: on the one hand, by a managerial conception of responsibility centred on anticipating the future consequences of technical development, which


Our programmed obsolescence

What if programmed obsolescence, which is integrated into many commercial products in order to encourage the renewal of purchases, brings with it the disappearance of man as an individual endowed with qualities that allow him to interact with objects, and with others, other than by consuming them? Iconoclastic point of view


Co-contracting of innovation: definition and challenges

Innovation co-contracting: what is it all about? The co-contracting of innovation consists, for a client (car manufacturer or aircraft manufacturer for example), in involving its suppliers in the management of innovation projects by considering them as true partners both in the downstream stages (implementation of the project, development of the product, etc.) and in the development of the project itself.

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