Urgence climatique : lancement de photo-bioréacteurs algaux capables de capter du CO2 par biomimétisme

Suez et Fermentalg annoncent la création d’une coentreprise pour industrialiser la valorisation de CO2 issu de la méthanisation en biomasse valorisables pour le biocontrôle ou l’alimentation animale, se positionnant comme acteurs majeurs de la qualité de l’air et du combat contre le changement climatique. Des solutions innovantes et fondées sur


Digital arms race against the Covid

Medicine, biology, genetics, pharmacology, zoology, but also environmental sciences are of course in the front line in the fight against Covid-19. But, in the face of the coronavirus, and unlike the previous major epidemics that have hit the planet since the beginning of this century - avian flu, SARS, influenza, etc. - the virus is not a new phenomenon.


Automotive sector: time for a profound transformation

While Bruno Le Maire announced on May 18th that a recovery plan for the automotive sector would be implemented within a fortnight, and that Emmanuel Macron will announce tomorrow his support plan for the automotive sector, the Nicolas Hulot Foundation publishes "Quelle stratégie pour le secteur automobile en France après la crise du Covid-19" (What strategy for the automotive sector in France after the Covid crisis?).


The "Strategy & Design for the Anthropocene" diploma is accredited by the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles.

Corals threatened with extinction, accelerated disappearance of wild species, collapsing glaciers... It is not a simple environmental "crisis" that we are experiencing, but much deeper transformations that signal the entry of our planet into a new geological and climatic era: the Anthropocene. They are forcing us to rethink the way we live


The incursion of AI into the healthcare field is becoming more and more questionable. Is it serious, doctor?

The question of the effectiveness and limitations of a diagnostic AI arises, from a technical, but also ethical and legal point of view. On February 27, the Aristotle Association is organizing a seminar on the relationship between AI and health. In what way is this sector deeply shaken by the arrival of these new technologies?

predictive science

Predictive sciences for the industry of the future: MINES ParisTech at the cutting edge

The MINES ParisTech engineering school aims to increase its leadership in the field of predictive sciences for the Industry of the future, by mobilizing all its skills in a research, development and training offer that takes advantage of the convergence of intensive computing resources, numerical simulation tools and algorithms for the processing of

Energy Observer

Energy Observer heads to the Arctic

It was launched in 2017 in Saint-Malo. Destination: Northern Europe. Today, Energy Observer is taking up the challenge of becoming the first ship in the world to reach the Arctic thanks to renewable energies and hydrogen. A technological and civic challenge, a universal message to decision-makers

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