Digital arms race against the Covid

Medicine, biology, genetics, pharmacology, zoology, but also environmental sciences are of course in the front line in the fight against Covid-19. But, in the face of the coronavirus, and unlike the previous major epidemics that have hit the planet since the beginning of this century - avian flu, SARS, influenza, etc. - the virus is not a new phenomenon.

Energy Observer

Energy Observer heads to the Arctic

It was launched in 2017 in Saint-Malo. Destination: Northern Europe. Today, Energy Observer is taking up the challenge of becoming the first ship in the world to reach the Arctic thanks to renewable energies and hydrogen. A technological and civic challenge, a universal message to decision-makers


Blockchain: disruptive innovation or uncontrollable risk?


France Stratégie, the General Commission for Strategy and Foresight reporting to the Prime Minister, has just published a timely report on the issue of the blockade. This technology promises programmable transactions without the intervention of a trusted third party. The disruptive potential of such an innovation calls, according to the authors of the

solar storage

There's electricity in the air!

How can we help disaster-stricken populations around the world? The recent series of natural disasters is a reminder of the difficulties faced by disaster victims and the teams that rescue them. Access is often blocked and it is difficult to provide quick and flexible solutions to help these people.

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