Can we break the internet?

Spectacular incidents, such as the outage resulting from the attack on Dyn on 21 October 2016, sometimes lead some to believe that it is possible to break the Internet, i.e. to interrupt its operation for a more or less long period of time. This breakdown could be the result of a deliberate attack, or it could be an accidental failure. Some articles

breakthrough innovation

When breakthrough innovations take hold at the heart of the company

A technological halo surrounds us. There is not a sector of activity, not a company, not a corporate function, that is not being transformed today by profound technological changes. Whereas these changes used to mainly concern the supply side and the production system of companies, they now have a very significant impact on the way companies operate.


Noise costs France 57 billion euros a year!

The National Noise Council has included in its work programme the subject of the "economic approach to noise" and in particular the evaluation of the costs induced by noise. Within this framework, a study was entrusted to the firm EY (formerly Ernst &Young), financed by ADEME. It was


In the minds of the best forecasters

How can we better apprehend all the confusion of the world around us? To answer this question, the American intelligence services organised between 2011 and 2014 a "forecasting tournament" (The Good Judgment Project) which brought together more than 20,000 participants from various backgrounds.

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