Artificialisation des sols : La bataille silencieuse des villes

À l’aube de la mise en instruction parlementaire de la loi Climat et Résilience contenant des mesures sur la densification urbaine, l’Observatoire des villes vertes a interrogé les collectivités sur leur niveau de prise en compte de l’enjeu d’artificialisation des sols. Pour cette 9e vague d’enquête, 18 grandes villes françaises


Pacte vert pour l’Europe : les villes et les régions établissent leur feuille de route pour 2021

Le Comité européen des régions (CdR) (1) a présenté sa feuille de route concernant le pacte vert pour l’Europe pour 2021. Lors de la quatrième réunion de son groupe de travail « Pacte vert pour l’Europe : investir l’échelon local », les responsables politiques de collectivités territoriales se sont accordés


Stop the artificialization of the soil!

More than 60 local collectives of inhabitants from all over France mobilized against projects for shopping areas or e-commerce warehouses sent this morning an open letter to the President of the Republic. One week after his speech at the Citizen's Convention for the Climate during which he


What will tomorrow's Smart City look like?

Cities are evolving in the face of new demographic, environmental and societal constraints. With four days to go before the second round of the French municipal elections, it is urgent to grasp the multiple challenges of the transformation of our living spaces. Those related to digitalisation, the fight against climate change, mobility, etc.


Environment: When prefects make the law

On Wednesday, May 27, four associations, Friends of the Earth France, Notre Affaire à Tous, Wild Legal and Maiouri Nature Guyane filed an appeal before the Council of State to obtain the cancellation of the decree of April 8, 2020, which generalizes the right of prefects to derogate from many regulatory standards,


Let's light up the stars!

Who would have thought that after Thomas Edison's widespread lighting of homes and factories in 1879, the electricity fairy that illuminates our cities and countryside would become a source of waste? Night light has become a cause of pollution in just a few decades. It affects in a very sensitive way the 


Make way for village bistros!

Good news: Edouard Philippe is paying for his tour! He has just announced this Friday, September 20, on the occasion of the congress of the Association of Rural Mayors, the willingness of the government to encourage the maintenance and opening of cafés in villages, as part of the government's "rural agenda". Objective: to revitalize the territories!


A Knowledge Centre for Innovation in Saint-Etienne


A Manufacture (of weapons), a plain (Achilles), a factory (of innovation), laboratories (of innovative uses and practices), a large factory (creative), platforms (technological), hotels (with project), a village (by CA), a centre (of Knowledge for Innovation), a concierge, incubators, accelerators...and even a Mixer! It all starts

energy transition

Overseas territories, new open-data laboratories for energy transition


The law on energy transition for green growth places the Overseas Departments and Collectivities and Corsica at the forefront of the development of renewable energies. It also gives them responsibility for defining their own multi-annual energy programming, in collaboration with the State. How to better respond to the challenges

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