Smartclip launches its ad on TV

Adconion Media Group's video and branding brand, smartclip, is broadcasting a television spot to the advertising market smartclip is a comprehensive digital technical platform, enabling both advertisers and publishers to take advantage of all the possibilities that Internet video has to offer


The new Google TV trial

This is the year 2022. Very high-speed broadband is now commonplace in a large majority of households in developed countries, including France. More than 95% of the population has at least 100 Mbits/s at home and regularly consumes video content in 4K resolution on various screens.


The French of connected TV - Hubee

In the development of applications for set-top-boxes and connected TV, we find three white wolves in the French ecosystem: WizTivi (déjà vu), DotScreen (which we will see soon) and Hubee, the subject of this episode of a long series of articles in progress on the French connected TV actors (see the beginning


Discovery of M3 magazine

Here is a very clever review: M3 - the review of the Direction de la Prospective du Grand Lyon. A compendium of analyses, surveys, testimonials and interviews, M3 is a new magazine on the evolution and future of cities, which is published three times a year for elected representatives, professionals and citizens concerned by public action and the development of cities.


Cyber Scams alert!

The second half of 2012 will be a high-profile period, with major sporting and political events such as Euro 2012, the Olympic Games and the presidential elections in the United States. Such events guarantee strong Internet activity and, with it, a flood of malware attacks! The


MIPCube: TV transformations

I participated in the MIPCube and the beginning of the MIP-TV show in Cannes from March 28 to April 1, 2012. It was my second edition after the one in 2011. MIPCube is a European conference at the confluence of television content creation, the Internet and technology. Bringing together around 500 people,