Pour l’État, la numérisation des entreprises passe par Amazon

Comment l’Etat favorise Amazon pour la numérisation des petites entreprises

Pendant cette crise du Covid-19, les pouvoirs publics ont encouragé les petites entreprises et les commerçants à numériser leurs activités. Le travail à distance, le e-commerce, la dématérialisation administrative ont montré une face de leurs vertus en temps de pandémie. L’État, à travers son bras armé financier, la BPI, encourage


Convention citoyenne pour le climat : pas très « amish » avec Emmanuel Macron

L’application des propositions de la Convention citoyenne pour le climat crée déjà des remous, entre « consultations » contestées pour les traduire dans la loi et déclarations d’Emmanuel Macron renvoyant à la « lampe à huile » les inquiétudes sur la 5G. Le doute est donc désormais de mise sur une proposition qui ne

digital conversion

At school, the screens are not new...

The debate on school screens is a battle of Hernani. A quarrel between the Ancients and the Moderns. On the Ancients' side, there is a desire to sanctuary the school from all screens. Even if it means going against the march of the world and creating educational deficiencies. On the other hand, the Moderns

national sovereignty

Digital: The end of the nation-state?

The shift of sovereignty from public services to meta-platforms is one of the issues that has been of great concern in recent months; although this issue is sometimes raised in the media, it seems to be perceived as less than real, as the loss of sovereignty is constant and ongoing. In a series


How Emmanuel Macron plans to take global leadership in cyberpeace

At the beginning of a week of three meetings in Paris on peace, government technologies and Internet governance, Emmanuel Macron launched the Paris Appeal, a call to support an "open, secure, stable, accessible and peaceful cyberspace". The Paris Appeal is another example of the President's commitment to "open, secure, stable, accessible and peaceful cyberspace.

digital explosion

The digital environmental bill is skyrocketing.

Today, digital technology is almost unanimously regarded as the main lever for economic and social development. In developed countries, where the digital transformation of businesses and the public sector is accelerating, it is often seen as the key solution for returning to growth. In developing countries, its


Blockchain: disruptive innovation or uncontrollable risk?


France Stratégie, the General Commission for Strategy and Foresight reporting to the Prime Minister, has just published a timely report on the issue of the blockade. This technology promises programmable transactions without the intervention of a trusted third party. The disruptive potential of such an innovation calls, according to the authors of the

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