How far will Uber go in innovation?


Uber is always at the forefront of technology to serve more users. The company innovates and constantly seeks to improve. It has established itself as one of the main players in our daily lives. With Uber, we live a personalized experience and benefit from the desire to go further by relying on the latest advances.

Uber and Cargo Store

The company has been at the instigation of a new mode of transport with services truly adapted to the needs of users. Thanks to Uber Contact...we have a vehicle arriving on schedule. The driver's job is to get you to your destination and avoid slowdowns. But to ensure that the transport is also a pleasant experience, the firm works in association with Cargo Store to imagine a different way to experience the Uber journey. An application is created to offer the possibility of shopping during transport. Thus, the customer will have the choice between chocolate bars, a phone charger or headphones that he can pick up during his journey. The driver is not to be outdone, as he receives a commission each time a sale is made in his vehicle.

Popular items at the customer's disposal

Thanks to the Cargo start-up, Uber vehicles are now equipped with a CargoBox. The CargoBox not only contains sweets, but also popular products that customers can purchase. The Cargo application will provide a very extensive product catalogue. Of course, not all products will be stored in the vehicle. But thanks to the application, it is possible to order items that are not in the vehicle and request delivery directly to your home.

A distraction on a boring journey

Those who need to travel long distances on a regular basis know that journeys are often a waste of time and pass very slowly. For this reasonUber and Cargo have decided to offer downloadable films and sweets or drinks to turn a journey into a moment of pleasure. ! You'll quickly get a taste for this relaxing moment as if you were at the movies.

Reward its users

And as a thank you for the loyalty of its customers, the customer receives a discount in Uber Cash in order to make new purchases on the next trip or to reduce the price of an errand. Purchases trigger cashback commissions. The customer has a small jackpot that grows with each race or after each purchase. And Uber doesn't stop there!

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The company also imagined a reward each day when a user consults the Cargo Store application. When the customer is in front of the Cargo Box, he scans the QR code and retrieves a small present! Major brands are partnering with Uber and Cargo to provide trendy items. This is an opportunity for them to gain visibility and promote their products. Passengers, for their part, have the pleasure of being pampered with quality products.

All Uber services in one application

Uber is always working to improve the user experience. The application is developed to provide access to a trip in a high-end vehicle, to enjoy a meal that arrives directly at the client's home or by facilitating the rental of a bicycle or electric scooter.

This comprehensive service is currently being tested in selected cities in the United States. The company is also developing a subscription that will give the possibility to use all the services in a very fluid way. The subscription will also allow you to take advantage of promotions and discounts on the use of an Uber vehicle or to have your meal delivered to your home free of charge. The new application, which brings together all the services, is currently being tested in nine countries around the world.

What if Uber's futuristic?

Can you imagine making a journey in a faster and more unique transport? Uber imagined helicopter taxis to get to a meeting without a hitch! The brand even wants to promote the delivery of packages by helicopter. The Uber Group's ambition has no limits. The company plans to use the roofs of buildings as landing platforms.

As a result, fewer vehicles also occupy the roads and highways. Uber wants to better distribution of travel modes by avoiding saturation of road networks. Obviously, we are also talking about a real time saver when moving around. For the moment, the journey is still expensive, because the maintenance costs of a helicopter and fuel are very high. Helicopters can also only use certain corridors in order to guarantee the safety of citizens. But the first routes that will be proposed will already facilitate a large part of the population of employees who are in a hurry to move from one place to another.

The Uber Copter is already being tested on a New York route. Uber wants to extend the project to other cities, but wants to do so under the right conditions. The company also needs to have all the authorisations to occupy the airspace of a city or territory. It will thus be possible to take a flying taxi as of 2023.. It will be a hybrid between an electric plane and the shape of a helicopter. Fans will provide the necessary propulsion to take off or land. The plane envisaged to move from one roof to the other will be able to move vertically so as not to be hindered by tall buildings.


Uber offers more security for women

Uber goes even further so that women can move around safely. Many female users of public transport or taxis have complained of unpleasant situations with men who have tried to drag them in a disruptive manner. With Driving Change, Uber wants things to change....

By partnering with HandsAway and Stop Street Harassment, the company is working to ensure that women no longer have to endure verbal or physical abuse. Uber workers are trained to offer a different relationship with women. Uber employees and managers are in contact with professionals who are aware of sexual violence.. And to accompany users even better, victims will be able to launch an alert via an application and take advantage of a free run to get to a place where they will be really safe.

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