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The international wage portage


Keeping your freedom while knowing the comfort of the salary, that's what you are invited to discover the international wage portage. This hybrid situation is an ideal opportunity to start your business while maintaining a safety net. A real tailor-made accompaniment, the portage salarial avoids the isolation of freelancers and removes you from the often very time-consuming administrative procedures.

What is wage portage?

Portage salarial is a form of salaried employment that guarantees a certain freedom to the professional. The latter enters into an employment contract with the wage portage company and is then protected by an employee status with this company. But unlike a traditional company, you remain in control of your rates, the choice of your customers and the contracts you wish to sign. However, it is the wage portage company that will establish the invoicing for you and will collect the sums generated by your contracts. From this sum will be deducted social security contributions, taxes but also a commercial commission which is intended to pay for the services provided by the company.

As an employee of a portage company, you will receive a pay slip and will be able to benefit from much more comprehensive social security cover than a freelancer. A strong advantage is also that even if you pay higher contributions than a freelancer, you will also enjoy a higher retirement pension, which is a strong fear for micro-entrepreneurs.

Can you benefit from wage portage?

Wage portage is mainly recommended for :

  • Micro-entrepreneurs and the self-employed who want to enjoy freedom of action without fear of severe constraints.
  • Project leaders who wish to test their business before embarking on a full launch and invest large sums of money.
  • International consultants and speakers for to develop its activity thanks to the international portage salaried employment .
  • Jobseekers or young graduates who need to confront their knowledge with the reality of the market.
  • Senior citizens in retirement or early retirement to encourage their employment in order to supplement their income.

However, it is an unavoidable requirement to benefit from wage portage. Indeed, the activity that you will practice will necessarily have to be intellectual. Thus, the wage portage establishment will not be able to enter into any contract for plumbing, ironing or landscaping services. It is also important to know that the portage company is not responsible for the missions that you will be entrusted with. You must be able to develop your portfolio of contracts yourself and select the clients with whom you will be working internationally. The wage portage does not induce the contribution of new contracts by the carrying company. The professional is the only one to run his own boat and must ensure that his turnover develops in order to meet his needs and pay his dues. To be eligible for portage salarial, you must also be able to demonstrate your expertise in the field in which you will be working.

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What are the services provided by international portage salarial?

The employment contract you sign with the porting company offers you the possibility to take advantage of certain services such as :

  • A secure way to work with foreign countries. When working outside France, you expose yourself to constraints specific to each country but also to different taxes and contributions. The portage salarial puts at your disposal all its expertise concerning working abroad and accompanies you so that you can successfully complete your international contract.
  • Protection through an insurance contract dedicated to professional civil liability. It is essential in order to face up to misunderstandings with one of your clients or to repair any damage you may have created.
  • The establishment of your invoices based on the data you're going to bring them. As a real activity without added value, invoicing is delegated to the carrying company, which applies itself to the constitution of a precise file and in compliance with legal obligations. The payroll carrier asks you to give them access to the contracts signed with your customers.
  • Payment of social contributions and taxes to government agencies. There is no longer any risk that you will miss the deadline for payment of contributions.
  • Access to a monthly activity account. With this file, you can see at a glance the paid invoices, contribution payments and commercial expenses related to the activity of the employee portage company. You will also be able to see your remuneration.
  • Counselling services to accompany you in the emergence and realization of your project. International experts offer you a relevant point of view to help you remove barriers or imagine unused commercial land.
  • The connection to many professionals and an informative watch on new products.

What are the benefits of wage portage?

The fear of becoming an entrepreneur can be particularly strong and prevent one from developing one's idea in view of the consequences, which can be very impactful. Self-employed workers appreciate their freedom but are often fearful of constraints and lack of protection. The portage salarial was thus imagined to imagine an intermediary between freelance status and salaried employment. Here are the benefits of this type of mixed status:

Greater protection for international workers

- A certain freedom and great autonomy

- Recognition from the customers you're going to prospect for

- Release from repetitive and energy-consuming tasks

- The expertise of professionals and the opportunity to benefit from a solid network

- Tailor-made support that meets the needs of your business

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- Customer reminders and faster recovery of amounts owed by your customers

- Reimbursement of your expenses incurred by the mission abroad

- Declaration to the collecting bodies

An affiliation to the Caisse des Français de l'étranger (CFE)

- Checking that you are in compliance with local legislation.

- Privileged contacts with the French embassies in the countries where you will be working.

Wage portage offers security and a lot of freedom to the entrepreneur who wishes to go international. You will appreciate the support of the specialists and the invaluable aid provided by the completion of administrative tasks.


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