The domesticated counterculture

La contre-culture domestiquée - Art, espace et politique dans la ville gentrifiée, by Luca Pattaroni - Edition MétisPresses, Collection vuesDensemble, December 2019 - 296 pages For a long time a driving force in the contestation of urban development models and a focus for artistic experimentation, the alternative cultural milieu is now largely integrated into the

nature and art

The tree in the painting

L'arbre dans la peinture, by Zenon Mezinski Edition Citadelles & Mazenod, September 2018 - 192 Pages This visual history shows the construction and development of a motif that becomes a subject in its own right in Western painting. Whether it is solitary or surrounded by fellow creatures, garnished or bare,


The art of innovation

L'art de l'innovation, by Jean-Christophe Messina and Cyril de Sousa-Cardoso Editions Eyrolles, November 2017 - 224 Pages Thomas Edison, Miles Davis, James Dyson ... 21 inspiring stories, 19 creative habits and 18 games of innovation that illustrate the art of sharing, openness and synergies between domains.