Star Trek Science ou fiction ?

Star Trek Science ou fiction ?, d’Ethan Siegel – Edition De Boeck supérieur, octobre 2020 – 216 pages La grande saga de Star Trek depuis 1966 : 13 films, 759 épisodes séries, des web series, des jeux vidéo, des romans… et voici enfin un magnifique « beau livre » qui


Technopower - Depoliticize to rule better

Technopouvoir - Dépolitiser pour mieux régner, by Diana Filippova - Edition Les Liens qui libèrent (LLL), November 2019 - 224 Pages This is an autopsy of technical confinement. Diana Filippova was not born yesterday. "Everything is political. Everything is propaganda," insists the HEC and


The civilization of nanoproducts

La civilisation des nanoproduits, by Jean-Jacques Perrier Edition Belin, September 13, 2017 - 224 Pages The growing commercialization of products containing nanomaterials or "nano-objects" is of concern to us all in a more or less explicit way. The subject is picked up from time to time in the media, particularly with regard to

innovation books

The Inevitable

The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future, by Kevin Kelly Viking Edition - Reissue June 2017, 336 Pages (English) The latest book by Kevin Kelly, co-founding editor of Wired magazine in 1993, was reissued last June and is considered the best seller of the year.


Algorithm time

Le temps des algorithmes, by Serge Abiteboul and Gilles Dowe Edition Le Pommier, January 19, 2017 For some time now, algorithms have been on all languages. And they worry. Professions are disappearing because of them, governments are using them to restrict our freedoms, private companies are using them in their