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UP' MAGAZINE and its partners are the exclusive holders of all intellectual property rights relating to both the structure and the content of the site worldwide.
up-magazine.info grants the user a right of private, non-collective and non-exclusive use of the contents of the site. It includes the right to reproduce for storage for the purpose of representation on a single-user screen and to reproduce, in one copy, for backup copy or print on paper. This right is personal, private and non-collective. It is not transferable in any way. Any networking, any redistribution, in any form whatsoever, whether partial or total, is therefore explicitly forbidden without the express and prior agreement of UP' MAGAZINE.
UP' MAGAZINE grants the user the right to reproduce all or part of the content of the site for storage for the purposes of representation on a single-user screen and reproduction, in one copy, for backup copy or printout on paper. This right is granted for strictly personal, private and non-collective use, any networking, redistribution or marketing of all or part of this content, to third parties, in any form whatsoever, being strictly prohibited.
Notwithstanding the reproduction and storage rights as strictly defined above, and except with prior and express authorisation, the Internet user is prohibited from reproducing and/or using the brands and logos present on up-magazine.info, modifying, copying, translating, reproducing, selling, publishing, exploiting and distributing in any format, digital or otherwise, all or part of the information, texts, photos, images, videos and data present on this site.
For any reproduction of articles, on all present and future media, you may contact the editorial staff of UP' MAGAZINE by e-mail. Violation of these mandatory provisions subjects the offender, and all persons responsible, to the criminal and civil penalties provided for by French law. In its capacity as publisher of the site and its mobile applications, UP' MAGAZINE may market advertising space within the site and its mobile applications to advertisers of its choice. The user acknowledges that he has no rights to these advertising spaces and consequently refrains from any related request or action against UP' MAGAZINE. Furthermore, the Internet user - whether or not he is registered for the interactive services - accepts that any content he has created may be reproduced by UP' MAGAZINE, any other Subscriber and Internet users accessing the up-magazine.info site or its mobile applications without any time limit and for the sole purposes of

UP MAGAZINE, UP NEWS, UP SPIRIT are registered trademarks.


Hyperlinks & external companies
UP' MAGAZINE includes information made available by external companies or hypertext links to other sites that have not been developed by UP' MAGAZINE. The content made available on the site or its mobile applications is provided for information purposes only. The existence of a link from this site to another site does not constitute a validation of this site or its content. UP' MAGAZINE cannot be held responsible for information, opinions and recommendations made by third parties.

User content
The comments of Internet users are moderated a priori on the up-magazine.info website. The Internet user who publishes on UP' MAGAZINE accepts, without compensation, that his contributions be reproduced, according to the rules of indexing, formatting and value proposed by UP' MAGAZINE. The messages are the property of their author and express his thoughts, not those of UP' MAGAZINE. Articles and comments are published under the full and entire responsibility of the Internet user. UP' MAGAZINE cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content of the contributions.
The tools for indexing, formatting and highlighting the contributions and personalised spaces of Internet users are there only for information purposes and are intended to highlight certain messages, but in no way constitute an endorsement of their content.


1. presentation
UP' MAGAZINE is an online information magazine that allows users to consult and comment on proposed content. Subject to prior registration, UP' MAGAZINE also provides Internet users with the possibility to publish content, create, manage and participate in the construction of information, participate in online debates, create personalised spaces that allow them, for example, to display RSS feeds of their choice, save their bookmarks or follow the activities of other readers, store, share and comment on their personal and collective content.
These services are subject to change over time. For the purposes of these general terms and conditions of use, any Internet user who performs one of the actions detailed in the "Content" section of these terms and conditions of use is referred to as a "Subscriber", "Registered Internet user" or "User".

2. acceptance of the general terms of use (GTCU)
By registering on the site in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below, you expressly and unreservedly accept the T&C. The current T&C can be consulted at any time on the up-magazine.info site and can be downloaded and printed.
The publisher reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions. Each registered Internet user acknowledges that UP' MAGAZINE may modify them in whole or in part at any time without notice and without information. Any modification of the Terms and Conditions will be specifically mentioned on the up-magazine.info website. All Interactive Services covered by the previous general terms and conditions of use will be immediately subject to the said modifications as of that date.
Modifications to the general terms and conditions of use are deemed to be accepted under the same conditions as the modified general terms and conditions of use.

3 Rights and obligations of Subscribers

a. Prerequisites for use
Subscribers must, when using the Interactive Services, i.e. in particular when writing a comment to an article or registering for the personal space, transmit their personal details online to the space reserved for this purpose so that they can be contacted by UP' MAGAZINE.
In order to benefit from certain features of UP' MAGAZINE, the user must create an account using the online form provided for this purpose. The creation of an UP' MAGAZINE account is intended for use by adults or minors under the supervision of an adult. All Internet users can read the articles and comments and, if necessary, comment on them.
The creation of an account also assumes that the Internet user has a valid e-mail address. He or she remains free to modify the content of the Personal Data communicated on this occasion at any time. Access to his or her account is made by entering his or her username or e-mail address and associated password, which he or she alone ensures the confidentiality of. Use of the Site following registration is valid for an indefinite period.
UP' MAGAZINE reserves the right to terminate it at any time, by e-mail, subject to reasonable notice. In the event of non-compliance with the TOS by a User, his personal account may be, immediately and without notice, temporarily or permanently deactivated. UP' MAGAZINE also reserves the right to delete any article or comment brought to its attention that is manifestly contrary to the rules mentioned in the TOS and in the Charter, or that would be the subject of a declaration by a third party.
If UP' MAGAZINE considers that all or part of the information communicated to it by a Subscriber is erroneous, it may, on its own initiative, without prior notice and without informing the Subscriber concerned, delete or make access impossible to all or part of its Content within the meaning of these general terms of use.
Under no circumstances can the registered Internet User engage the responsibility of UP' MAGAZINE for this fact.

b. All Subscribers undertake to keep strictly confidential all passwords and identifiers assigned to them by UP' MAGAZINE within the framework of the use of the Interactive Services.
The Registered Internet User undertakes in particular not to pass on any of his or her passwords and identifiers to any third party and furthermore agrees to bear all liability arising from the use of these passwords and identifiers under conditions identical to those which would prevail if such use were of his or her own making. The Registered Internet User may change his or her identifiers and passwords at any time.

c. Contents
Within the framework of his contribution to the content of UP' MAGAZINE, by means of texts, images, sounds, videos or comments, the User is required to respect the legal and regulatory provisions in force.
Any information, text, image, animated or not, data, sound, multimedia file, page structure, code, function, navigation element, hyperlink, domain name or any other contribution is called "Content" by these terms and conditions.
The User guarantees that the storage and distribution of this content via UP' MAGAZINE does not constitute offences as referred to in article 9 of the Civil Code, the law of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press, articles 225-4-1 and following of the Penal Code:
- a violation of the intellectual property rights of third parties (in particular, articles, works, photos, creations, clips, television programmes, short, medium and/or feature films, animated or not, advertisements, which the Internet user has not personally produced or for which he does not have the necessary authorisations from the third party holders of rights on them);
- an attack on individuals (in particular defamation, insults, insults, etc.) and respect for the right to image and privacy;
- an offence against public order and morality (in particular, glorification of crimes against humanity, incitement to racial hatred, violent content, pornography, etc.) ;
- The registered Internet user is also prohibited from fixing, recording or transmitting for distribution the pornographic image or representation of a minor, or making it available and sharing it by any means whatsoever.

d. Miscellaneous liability of the user
The Registered Internet User shall refrain from using any false, fictitious or third-party identity when using the Interactive Services.
All Subscribers agree not to perform any act that would restrict, inhibit, disrupt or interfere with any other user's normal use of the Interactive Services or any other Internet user's access to UP' MAGAZINE, or that would degrade the content of any other Subscriber. The foregoing provisions apply to all viruses, worms or Trojan horses, "spam", chain letters or "snowball" e-mails.
He also refrains from manipulating identifiers and passwords in order to conceal the real origin of any Content.
Any Subscriber also agrees not to collect, exploit or extract any Content for the purpose of constituting a database or an identical, similar or even only competing service to the Interactive Services.
The Registered Internet User is also prohibited from accessing in any way whatsoever without authorization the content of another Subscriber, and from modifying it in any way whatsoever or commenting on it when the comment is not permitted by the Interactive Service in question.
The Registered User guarantees UP' MAGAZINE against any recourse, including from another Subscriber, for any Content attributable to him/her in accordance with these general conditions of use, and undertakes in this respect in particular to bear the cost of any sentences that may be pronounced against UP' MAGAZINE as well as any costs that the latter may incur in defending itself.

e. The commitments and obligations of UP' MAGAZINE
UP' MAGAZINE is in principle accessible 24/24h, 7/7d, except in the case of an interruption, scheduled or not, for maintenance purposes or in case of force majeure. Being in fact subject to an obligation of means, UP' MAGAZINE cannot be held responsible for any damage, whatever its nature, resulting from the unavailability of the website.
UP' MAGAZINE undertakes to comply with all the provisions applicable to it arising from the law of 6 January 1978 on Data Processing, Data Files and Individual Liberties, as amended by the law of 6 August 2004. Each Subscriber and each Internet user is informed of his or her rights in this respect by special notices appearing on the page(s) of the website through which he or she consults or uses the Services that are the subject of these general terms of use.
Furthermore, article 6 of the law of 21 June 2004 may oblige UP' MAGAZINE to transmit, under the conditions it refers to, all information in its possession concerning the identity of any Subscriber.
UP' MAGAZINE has the right to modify or interrupt all or part of any or all of the Interactive Services, to limit the ability of a Subscriber to create or participate in one or more Interactive Services in order to avoid any abusive use of said services, to delete all or part of any Content following a request based on article 6 of the law of 21 June 2004, or to make access to said Content impossible, regardless of the merits of the request and even in the event of a dispute by the Subscriber - and even if said deletion or impossibility of access also prevents the Subscriber from accessing his/her own Content, either temporarily or permanently.


Users accept that UP' MAGAZINE may place, where and when it wishes, any type of commercial advertising that complies with the regulations applicable to one or other of the Interactive Services, without this placement being able to lead to any claim whatsoever on the part of a Subscriber.



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