The new Janus 2018 edition

68 years after the Schuman declaration made in the Salon de l'Horloge, the Quai d'Orsay hosted the JANUS label award ceremony of the French Institute of Design on 17 December 2018, which celebrated its 65th anniversary this year. 76 projects were awarded this label of excellence, which recognises the "5E's".

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What future for AI?

Artificial intelligence has already been present in our daily lives for many years. For many, it is becoming the magic solution to all problems. Is this reasonable? Is it a fad? Is it a reality? What should we think of this breakthrough of AI in our daily lives? From

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When design renews recycling

Océplast, a player highly committed to eco-responsible plastics processing, specialising in outdoor composite furnishings, has embarked on a design thinking approach. With the help of a design agency, the Vendée-based company has rethought its entire product range. A look back at a still unusual experience in an industrial environment.  

Artificial intelligence

The radical anti-humanism of Artificial Intelligence

Not a day goes by without mentioning Artificial Intelligence, the great evil or the great good of the century. A threat to humanity, a consubstantial engine of economic growth, a liberticidal monster, an exterminator of humanity or an omnipotent benefactor, designed to help us, to increase us but also to watch over us in order to perhaps subdue us or make us


A Knowledge Centre for Innovation in Saint-Etienne


A Manufacture (of weapons), a plain (Achilles), a factory (of innovation), laboratories (of innovative uses and practices), a large factory (creative), platforms (technological), hotels (with project), a village (by CA), a centre (of Knowledge for Innovation), a concierge, incubators, accelerators...and even a Mixer! It all starts


New cycling plan: The little queen in the spotlight in Angers

In the wake of an exceptional mobilization for the climate, the government unveils its national plan dedicated to the promotion of bicycle use (see below the Prime Minister's speech). For the associations of the Climate Action Network (FNH, FNE, WWF, FUB, FNAUT, Greenpeace, etc.), this is a step forward, but the resources made available are not sufficient.

health avatar

Health and digital at the crossroads of worlds: What if a virtual avatar could heal oneself?

 At a time when digital technology is shaking up the world of healthcare, researchers, engineers and companies are working together in Nantes on joint projects to design concrete solutions resulting from digital developments. One of their projects, a thought-driven avatar, is creating real opportunities to improve the quality of life for patients.

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