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Création de Hi! Paris, premier centre d’ambition mondiale dans le domaine de l’IA et des Sciences des données

HEC Paris et l’Institut Polytechnique de Paris (IP Paris) annoncent la création de Hi! PARIS, un centre interdisciplinaire de recherche et d’enseignement consacré à l’IA et aux Sciences des données. Ce premier centre en Europe interdisciplinaire et interinstitutionnel, alliant éducation, recherche et innovation, a pour ambition de devenir un leader


Digital arms race against the Covid

Medicine, biology, genetics, pharmacology, zoology, but also environmental sciences are of course in the front line in the fight against Covid-19. But, in the face of the coronavirus, and unlike the previous major epidemics that have hit the planet since the beginning of this century - avian flu, SARS, influenza, etc. - the virus is not a new phenomenon.


The incursion of AI into the healthcare field is becoming more and more questionable. Is it serious, doctor?

The question of the effectiveness and limitations of a diagnostic AI arises, from a technical, but also ethical and legal point of view. On February 27, the Aristotle Association is organizing a seminar on the relationship between AI and health. In what way is this sector deeply shaken by the arrival of these new technologies?

Generations X, Y, Z, Milleniums

Where are the young people now?

For some time now, thousands of young high school and university students have been taking to the streets every week, all over the world, to question their governments on the climate and social emergency. These figures of today's youth come in succession of generations of young people who have become their elders. Successive generations

artificial intelligence

IA: Call for governance based on human rights

Les participants à la Conférence mondiale de l’UNESCO sur l’intelligence artificielle appellent à une gouvernance fondée sur les droits pour l’IA   Il est nécessaire de garantir une gouvernance de l’intelligence artificielle (IA) centrée sur l’être humain, sont convenus les participants à la conférence intitulée Principes de l’Intelligence artificielle :

artificial intelligence

Microsoft Selects France to Host a Global AI Development Center

Microsoft choisit la France pour accueillir un Centre mondial de développement dédié à l’Intelligence Artificielle   A l’occasion de Microsoft Business Forward, événement clients mettant en lumière la transformation digitale des entreprises grâce à la donnée, à l’intelligence artificielle et aux applications métiers, qui se tient ce 21 février à

grown man

Becoming a human robot

The intelligence behind artificial "intelligence" (AI) is suspect. Admittedly, we are less and less doubtful of its remarkable technical capabilities. On the other hand, we increasingly doubt its... intelligence. For example, we hesitate to speak of genuine intelligence - in the strongest sense of the word - even though

artificial intelligence

What future for AI?

Artificial intelligence has already been present in our daily lives for many years. For many, it is becoming the magic solution to all problems. Is this reasonable? Is it a fad? Is it a reality? What should we think of this breakthrough of AI in our daily lives? From

Artificial intelligence

The radical anti-humanism of Artificial Intelligence

Not a day goes by without mentioning Artificial Intelligence, the great evil or the great good of the century. A threat to humanity, a consubstantial engine of economic growth, a liberticidal monster, an exterminator of humanity or an omnipotent benefactor, designed to help us, to increase us but also to watch over us in order to perhaps subdue us or make us

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